Operation: Snow

Only 2 more days before the start of our 2014-15 winter season! We’re planning an amazing opening for you this year, one that will rival even our 75th anniversary season, which was truly memorable. We’re counting on kicking everything off with a full summit to base run, on the North AND South sides. This is a first for us! If the tendency continues, skiers and snowboarders will have access to a total of 16 runs throughout the weekend. A small concession will have to be made at mid-mountain on the South side, where a narrow trail must remain clear as to allow work on the TGV lift to continue unhindered. Skiers and riders will therefore have to briefly remove their skis or snowboard and walk a few feet to reach the great snow on the bottom half of the run. Visitors arriving to the North side will be happy to know that the parking lot, ticket office and other facilities will be open, albeit with limited service.

Snow wise, our team has been working day and night to provide the best gliding conditions possible for opening day. Mother Nature did her part in the last few days and pitched in with over 15cm of fresh snow. And she’s still pilling it on! According to The Old Farmer’s 2015 Almanac, snowfall will be above normal this winter. Looking out the window lately, we think these wise farmers might indeed know what they’re talking about.

Keeping up to date on the mountain

Our team has made several improvements to the snowmaking system this year, including major work on the McCulloch run, and we’re already seeing the positive impacts it had in several key areas. We also have a recent addition in our mountain equipment fleet: a new groomer! It is identical to the model which was added to the fleet last winter. This model has consistently proven itself and we are confident it will deliver an excellent gliding surface.



Only thing left is to wish you a wonderful ski season!


-> Stay up to date by visiting the snow conditions page on tremblant.ca


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13 replies
  1. Mark
    Mark says:

    Excellent news, especially about the opening of the North side parking lot. With limited service, will I be able to validate seasons tickets on that side this year?

  2. Pedro
    Pedro says:

    Could you ask operations to put a rail/box over the ”narrow trail” in the TGV sector? That way, some of us will not even have to take our skis/snowboards off!

    Just saying 😉

    Keep up the good work!!! See you tomorrow

  3. Tremblant
    Tremblant says:

    Hi Pedro, wish we could! But we have to leave the trail unobstructed so the work teams can access the lift and fix it as soon as possible. Thanks and see you on the slopes!

  4. Therrien
    Therrien says:

    What happened to 16 runs on opening day? Your snow report shows 14 runs open. Yesterday, in the early snow report, we could see the Jasey Jay, Superieur and Duncan in “Progressive” mode. Now they just say closed. What’s the situation? We were hoping that communication and transparency would be improved this year, but so that’s not the case.

  5. Tremblant
    Tremblant says:

    Hello Therrien, we will be opening up to 16 runs over the course of the weekend. Snowmaking operations are in progress in both of those runs at the moment. We are looking forward to opening them very soon. Thank you for understanding.

  6. Don Dobson
    Don Dobson says:

    Opening day was great – the most terrain variety ever. BUT! Whose idea was it to put slides and jumps on P’tit Bonheure. This is the best “green” run on the mountain. Now the width of the run is compromised by it obstacles on the skiers left that put novice and other skiers at risk to injury by people coming off the jumps etc.. Please tell me that this is a VERY temporary condition!

  7. Therrien
    Therrien says:

    Hello Tremblant, we still see 14 runs on the Snow Report. When will the three runs that were originally marked as opening (Jasey Jay, Superieur and Duncan), be available for us to ski? We planned on coming to ski those runs based on your earlier communication and they weren’t open today either. I appreciate you saying that “we will be opening up to 16 runs over the course of the weekend”, but why choose the number 16 16? Technically, you will be opening “up to” 95 runs this weekend? I just hope that we don’t see false promises and marketing “tricks” that we did so often in the past. It aggravates your users and kills your credibility in this world where everything is connected by social media.

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