Mountain Ops: Getting ready for winter!

The first snowflakes have landed !

Photo taken October 16th, 2017

With only 5 weeks to go before the opening day of our 79th winter season, all hands are on deck to ensure that lifts and equipment are in top shape. Since the end of summer operations, our team of over twenty professionals have been hard at work going over hundreds of preventive maintenance tasks to deliver a smooth season opener.

Our snow-making team is now completing maintenance and preparation on one of the best snow-making systems in North America that keeps getting better every year.  In fact, we are soon taking delivery of 30 new snow guns that will produce even more snow at higher temperatures which will ensure an earlier start and a deeper base.  This new equipment is even more environmentally friendly as it requires less energy than previous models.

As it has been in the past, our goal is to provide the best snow conditions as early as possible, North and South sides, top to bottom.  To this end, snow making will begin as soon as early November, temperatures permitting.

The first priority for snow coverage will be the runs dedicated to the 24-hours of Tremblant taking place December 8-10. We will then focus on coverage for the maximum amount of runs in time for the Holiday Season.

Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of our snowmaking plans as they evolve.

Let it SNOW !

Mountain ops: one last weekend to enjoy spring skiing!

#GoPro photo taken April 13, 2017

The last ski weekend is already upon us! Join us to celebrate the end of this wonderful season with Easter celebrations, village entertainment and more skiing until Monday!

Many of our ski trails still offer good snow cover. Nevertheless, with temperatures between 10 and 15°C during the day, snow melts quickly! Our team of groomers is currently working on moving tons of snow and preparing the trails in order to offer the best possible conditions. The mercury still falls below zero degrees Celsius during the night, so we will see hardened snow conditions in the morning. In order to enjoy the famous “slushy” spring snow, we will have to wait until the sun warms the slopes a little. From about 10-11am, most of the trails will be open.

#GoPro photo taken April 13, 2017

TGV, Flying Mile, Sun, Duncan, Expo and Onésime lifts will serve up to 58 trails, from now until April 17, on the South, North and Soleil sides. Please note that lifts will have a later closing time on Saturday and Sunday.

Furthermore, our snow park lovers will be delighted to know that our 3 parks are open through closing day!

#GoPro photo taken April 13, 2017

If you are with us for this last weekend, don’t miss our Easter celebrations. Easter is always a joyful event in Tremblant with fun activities for kids of all ages. Sunday, join us for an Easter egg hunt, face painting, musical atmosphere with DJ and new this year: a petting zoo with sheep, goats, chickens and rabbits!

Thank you for sharing another beautiful ski season with us 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you one last time on the slopes!

Mountain ops: spring is here!

Photo taken March 21, 2017

Even though it feels like it’s been here for some time, Spring has officially arrived this week! With the record amount of snow received this winter, 526cm to this day, there is still a beautiful month of skiing left to enjoy the slopes. The days are longer and the warmer sunshine transforms the snow conditions. When the mercury passes above zero during the day, that’s when we take advantage of the spring ski conditions that we know and love.

For our mountain ops team, the heavier spring snow offers more challenges. As the water flows to the bottom of the snow surface, traction on the slopes becomes difficult. In some cases, groomers can sink up to 10 cm into the slush. As the pace of operations is slower, fewer trails can be groomed during the night. The maintenance team keeps their eyes on the weather because they need to know if and when the snow will freeze (or melt) so they can plan their work. The whole mountain must be completed in 16 hours and we always wish to offer the same quality of surface throughout the season; which is becoming increasingly complex.

Photo taken March 22, 2017 – @DKCooper

Because the wet spring snow cannot be simply compacted, only a minor finish is applied, and when the sun sets, the surface freezes. You will notice that the trails groomed later in the night are more likely to be opened in the morning. By following the usual trail grooming order, ( ie. beginner, intermediate, expert..) green runs will probably be groomed last. A ski run that has been groomed early on can be closed in the morning because the surface will be too hardened. Once softened after a few hours in the sun, the patrol will decide to open it. We also start to alternate and leave some trails with their natural soft moguls for the lovers of spring moguls.

Since spring conditions are more beautiful from midday, the First Tracks no longer have as much added value as they do at the heart of the season. That is why they ended on March 19. However, the hours of operation are adjusted according to the amount of sunshine. The Gondola Express, Duncan and Flying Mile lifts will even operate until 5pm on some Saturdays in April!

Destination Canada, Tuesday March 21, 2017 – Mont Tremblant Qc. CP IMAGES/Jacques Boissinot


Races, events, festivities… Don’t miss all the action over the next few weeks! Tremblant is THE place to be in the Spring 🙂


Looking forward to seeing you on the slopes !


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Powder day!

It’s powder day in Tremblant! After a night and a morning of non-stop snowfall, for a total of 22 cm, the mountain is simply incredible! And it’s not finished yet, so come enjoy our freshly covered trails, the conditions are fantastic! See you at the summit!

Looking forward to seeing you on the slopes!


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Spring arrived earlier than expected in Tremblant!

Photo taken March 8, 2017

Spring arrived earlier than expected in Tremblant! From cold temperatures to warm winds and precipitation of all kinds, we’ve been having quite the weather cocktail these past few weeks. Despite this, and despite the fact that there is no more snow in the city, we reassure you that there is still more than a month of downhill skiing and snowboarding to be had!

In order to offer you the best skiing experience, the status of the snow conditions is scrutinized with utmost care. We continually take snow depth readings thanks to a sonar machine that is fixed under a groomer. The latest results show that there is no reason to worry! Sometimes the snow cover is thinner; these sections are often bumps between which there is plenty of snow. With the return of cold temperatures in the next few days, the grooming team gets to work in order to take snow in thicker areas to cover the thinner areas. We regularly use this method throughout the season.

All in all, we consider ourselves to be pretty lucky! The last rainfall we had turned into snow, which means recovery of the trails was much easier. This allowed us to offer very good conditions today. We will therefore be able to reopen several trails that were closed in order to concentrate our grooming efforts on the heart of the mountain. The few centimeters of snow expected in the next few days, combined with intensive grooming, will allow us to once again fully enjoy the mountain.

With these operations in action, we guarantee that you will be able to ski until April 17th, as planned!

Photo taken March 8, 2017

Looking forward to seeing you on the slopes!


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