3 cocktails to try in Tremblant

What better way to cool off after a day outdoors than by sipping a refreshing cocktail on a terrace! Here are some delicious drink options that you can discover this summer in Tremblant:


Coco Cherry Martini

Since 1995, Coco Pazzo Restaurant has been serving original and gourmet Italian dishes, but did you know that the quality of their food is also conveyed in their cocktails? On your next visit, try the Coco Cherry Martini! Refreshing and not too sweet, it compliments any meal.

This cocktail, as tasty as it is pretty, is made with PUR Vodka (Quebec), sour cherry juice, homemade ginger syrup and lime juice. Yum!


Martini à la Ginger Rogers

To highlight the roaring 20’s theme during Québec Casinos summer of retro, the Lounge at the Mont-Tremblant Casino presents the Martini à la Ginger Rogers!

The cocktail is a mixture of martini, gin, white vermouth, apricot liqueur and lemon juice. Fruity, refreshing and above all very trendy in the 1920s.

Head to the Versant Soleil to enjoy the superb view from the Lounge and live the craziness of the 1920s with music and atmosphere in the casino!


P’tit Caribou Caesar

Considered one of the best après-ski bars in the world, the P’tit Caribou serves skilfully made cocktails year-round. This summer, enjoy their famous Bloody Caesar on their new terrace. Not at all like the Bloody Caesars that you are used to, the P’tit Caribou’s version will delight your taste buds! In addition to their secret mixing recipe, the unique blend of rim spices is an integral part of their cocktail experience. They then add a slice of beef jerky from Les Mercenaires Culinaires, a pickle and olives.

The cocktails presented are just a few of what might be the best cocktails in Tremblant. Try them for yourself and share your opinion in the comments!


Eating with dietary restrictions in Tremblant

Fairmont Axe Lounge via justinpluslauren.com/mont-tremblant-vegan/

It is not always easy to eat in a restaurant when you have a special dietary restriction. Whether it’s because of allergies or for health, ecological or political reasons, we’re paying more and more attention to what’s on our plates. To help you during your next visit to Tremblant, we’ve prepared a list of restaurants in the pedestrian village that offer dishes according to the following categories: vegan, organic, gluten-free, raw, vegetarian, lactose-free, fruit based.

O Wok via justinpluslauren.com/mont-tremblant-vegan/


For a better overview of vegan options in Tremblant, we invite you to read the blog of Justin and Lauren:


Photos: walking the summit

On a hot, sunny summer day, I went to the top of Tremblant to take some pictures of the beautiful panoramic landscape while taking a walk on a path that goes arround the summit. This hike is qualified as easy. I started on the Manitou trail and continued on the 360° trail. This cumulative distance is 3.1km in total, so I suggest to plan from 1h to 2h of your time. I had the chance to see the panorama on all sides while hiking in an impressive forest with a diverse vegetation. This gave way to photography, so here are my shots of this peaceful moment.

See hiking trail map

Gallery 1: Photos from the summit

Gallery 2: Photos from the panoramic gondola

© Photos @rpnormandeau

Golfs Tremblant Pro tip – July

Where do I start ?

You now have a good two months of golf under your belt and some of you find yourself in a low period with regards to results obtained. What to do, and where to start to find your landmarks? I propose to start with the following two points: ensure that your start position is in accordance to the clubs that you use and that your final position is in balance. A bad start position will have you miss your swing even before you actually do it and a bad finish could ruin a good motion.

Starting position:  

Athletic pose over the ball with the shaft of the club pointing towards the inside of the left thigh for right handed player and at the level of the belt. For alignment and positioning of the ball, use an alignment rod or a club on the ground to ensure that there is no mistake at this level.

Finishing of the swing:

In balance with your back foot on the tip of the toes. Keep your position for at least two seconds in order to develop your sense of balance while ensuring a better contact with the ball, transferring your weight efficiently.


Daniel Bilodeau B.Sc.
Head teaching professional

Herb garden on the Promenade Deslauriers for restaurants

In order to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable development, Station Mont Tremblant has just finalized an eco-responsible guide that includes several actions related to the following issues:

  • The reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG)
  • Management of raw and residual materials
  • The quality of products and services
  • Impact on regional economic development

Mont Tremblant Resort is the first Quebec ski resort certified as an eco-responsible company by the Sustainable Industries Council.

One of the actions suggested by the 5-year eco-responsible plan is to make available to its trading partners a herb garden. The Tremblant Resort Association, a partner of Station Mont Tremblant, supported this project by planting herbs in an area that was originally meant to feature only decorative non-edible flowers.

This concrete action, however small, is the first in a series of actions that will make Tremblant an eco-responsible destination, concerned about its environment, its customers, partners and employees, as well as the regional economy.