As of this July, come experience the thrill of sliding down a hill without snow at our new Summer Tubing activity! Perfect for the whole family, from kids to grandparents, this exciting addition is adjacent to the Summer Skiing activity, which opened in Summer 2023, offering guests an additional on-mountain activity right next to the pedestrian village.

While Summer Tubing may be new to the area, it’s a popular activity worldwide. Neveplast, the Italian company behind the synthetic tracks, has been creating artificial surfaces for skiing and snowboarding since 1998, incorporating tubing into their offerings in 2001.

X @Neveplast

The Summer Tubing attraction at Tremblant features two sliding lanes, one curved and one straight, allowing riders to enjoy different sensations as they slide down the hill. Made of synthetic materials, the lanes provide a sensation similar to sliding on layers of compact snow. The Magic Carpet conveyor lift effortlessly carries riders and their provided tubes to the top of the hill, ensuring a quick and comfortable return for another run. At the top, you can relax in the shade on a terrace provided by Coke, perfect for taking a break between descents.

For safety reasons, our activity welcomes children from 3 years old. If your child is 3 years or older and measures 92 cm or less, they can slide for free while comfortably sitting on your lap. For children measuring 93 cm or more, they can slide alone or share the adventure with you by sitting on your lap, but both must have their own ticket for the activity.

Bundle it!

Enhance your Summer Tubing experience with our Multi-Activity Bundle! This package offers a discount when you purchase 3 or 5 activities at once, and you can choose from 16 on-site activities. Combine Summer Tubing with 2 or 4 other activities to enjoy great value and a variety of experiences during your mountain visit.

We’re proud to offer you this exciting new experience! Summer Tubing at Tremblant is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors and create lasting memories with the whole family. Come and experience the thrill of sliding down the slopes this summer!