Time flies! There are only 2 months left to the ski season and we can feel the days getting longer, which means more time on the slopes.

This week, we welcomed back below zero temperatures, which allowed our snow team to do a grooming operation in several trails to put them back in good condition for the weekend. They will also use what we call powder makers to make sure we keep the snow conditions at their best. What is a powder maker? They are metallic mesh rollers that we attach to the back of snow groomers that allow to deposit the snow without crushing it too much. Here is how it works: The trail maintenance team start by going through the slopes with snow groomers to break up the ice crust and then we take out the powder makers. While the cutters compact the snow surface, the powder makers break up the snow and ice. By rotating several times in the rollers, the pieces turn into small, air-filled snowballs that are easy to slice. If you have ever skied on these little snowballs, you must have noticed how easy it is to turn on the snow!

The sun has also been out over the last few days and we even received a few centimeters of snow. In fact, 5 cm of new snow fell in the last week, and this number is likely to increase in the coming days according to the forecasts. We are still waiting for the next snowfall to reopen the glades and improve the snow conditions, but it’s better than nothing!

We currently have 94 trails open on our 4 sides, with 13 of our ski lifts (14 on the weekends only), as well as our 3 terrain parks. We are also very pleased to say that we are in 2e position among the North East ski resorts for the most trails open and in 1st position for the number of acres open. We invite you to check the conditions and trail status in real time on our mountain report before coming to the resort to give you a better idea of what to expect on the mountain.

Spring events are coming soon, with the first one being the JAMIGOS on March 16. Registration is now open on our website, we invite all snowpark enthusiasts to participate, it is a free event and open to all levels. DJ, entertainment, friendly competition and several prices are on the schedule. Discover our full event calendar here.


Mountain Safety Reminder – Ski Lifts

As school break approches, we would like to take a moment to remind you of certain safety instructions related to ski lifts. At Tremblant, we have 3 types of lifts: gondola, chair lifts and magic carpet (conveyor). Here are a few safety measures to know to familiarize yourself with the different lifts on the mountain, according to the ASSQ website.


  • When you take the gondola, place your skis or snowboard outside of the gondola in the equipment holder provided, and take your ski poles with you inside the gondola. Children equipement also has to be inside.
  • Mind your head with going in, and the doors will close automatically.
  • When going up, stay seated throughout the trip and do not put your hands through the windows.
  • When arriving at the top, wait for the doors to open, then exit, take your equipement and clear the area.

Chair lift

  • When it is your turn to take the chair lift, move up to the marked line and look for the approaching chair.
  • Make sure to secure any loose items and take your wrist out of your pole straps
  • Load the chair and lower the safety bar.
  • When going up, it is prohibited to swing the chair.
  • When approaching the uploading zone, raise the safety bar, then sit up at the uploading area and slide to clear the area.

Magic carpet (conveyor)

  • To take the magic carpet, move up to the marked line and wait for your turn.
  • Make sure to secure any loose items and take your wrist out of your pole straps
  • Carefully step onto the conveyor until your boots are on board. Remain standing at all times.
  • At the uploading zone, lift your poles if you have any and the conveyor will end to allow you to clear the area.

This Weekend’s Events

Washington Week

From February 17 to 24, the pedestrian village will be animated for Washington Week. Several activities and entertainment have been set up for the occasion at Place Saint-Bernard, such as dancing evenings, interactive games, and hot chocolate distribution. Fun all week to kick off the season of school breaks. See the full program online.

For real-time snow conditions, see our mountian report on our website or download the Tremblant mobile app. Happy skiing!