The week started off with warm, spring-like temperatures and then quickly returned in winter mode during the night of Wednesday with cold and hardened conditions.

Nature was unleashed Wednesday evening with heavy rain, strong winds, and even lightning at the end of the day while the mountain was closed. The cold set in quickly at the end of the day, which allowed the snow grooming team to be more efficient in restoring the slopes to good condition with the arrival of frost. Grooming therefore began at 5 PM on Wednesday and continued all night until Thursday morning. Considering the violent force of this latest weather episode, the ski conditions were quite good on Thursday morning. It might be cold, but the sun is out, so dress accordingly and we’ll see you on the slopes!

With the weather on Wednesday, our operation decided to close the Edge side for the day. This side as well as the Soleil side are closed on Thursday in order to concentrate grooming efforts on the heart of the mountain on the South and North sides. They will, of course, reopen on Friday in preparation for the weekend.

With this week’s weather cocktail, starting with temperatures above normal at the start of the week offering us springlike ski conditions and frost overnight on Wednesday night, has obviously affected our slopes. We had to close all of our glades, as well as a few trails where conditions were rather marginal. Our grooming team did a colossal job to open as many ski trails as possible to skiers and snowboarders for Thursday morning, and continue their efforts to get the mountain back in good condition for the weekend with as many trails as possible. We invite you to always look at our conditions report on our website before coming to the resort to know the opening status of our trails and ski lifts. 


Weekend’s Events

Quebec School Break

Fun continues for the Quebec school break as of Saturday with daily activities and entertainment for the entire family in the pedestrian village. Festivities start on Saturday evening with a dance party, then we’ll have interactive games and hot chocolate distribution all week. The full program is online, join us all!

Ikon Pass First Tracks

On Sunday morning, all Ikon Pass holders can access First Tracks for free as of 7:30 AM (which is 15 minutes before the regular first tracks schedule) and ski on our freshly groomed trails on the North side before everyone. We invite you to come and take advantage of your privilege one last time this season, simply  go directly to the gondola or Duncan lift to access it.