Starting 8 weeks before the ski season opening, we went behind the scenes to see all the work that goes in to getting Tremblant up and running!

In these videos that we filmed weekly, we’ll show you key snowmaking moments, new machines and tools, inside views of the pumphouses, various constructions, lift repairs and maintenance and more. You’ll see a lot happens in 8 weeks!

Opening week

We see several players in action on the mountain: Snow School, Snow Parks, Patrol, Food and Beverages, Snowmaking and more!


1 week before opening

Lot’s of snow and activity on the mountain!


2 weeks before opening

We take a look at our investments on the Versant Soleil, get to know more about the snow table, see new machines and more!


3 weeks before opening

We meet up with the lift maintenance team to see what they are working on.


4 weeks before opening

We travel around the mountain to see the snowcanon deployment.


5 weeks before opening

We find out what goes into creating a snowmaking plan.


6 weeks before opening

What goes on inside the mid-mountain station? We visit two important buildings.


7 weeks before opening

We go inside the many pumphouses around Tremblant mountain.


8 weeks before opening

We take a look at Algonquin trail and the installation of water and air pipes in the trail.