Explore signature drinks from the best spots in the pedestrian village. For those who already know the slopes, discover the signature cocktails that make each evening at Tremblant a unique experience. Hang up your skis and explore the flavors that mark après-ski in this corner of the Laurentians. Cheers to genuine moments!

Le P’tit Bonheur – Snow Spritz

  • Sprite*
  • Campari
  • Gin
  • Sweet Vermouth

The Snow Spritz at Le P’tit Bonheur (located within the Grand Manitou summit lodge) is a cocktail designed with the snowy slopes in mind. It offers a refreshing and unique twist on the classic Negroni. The drink combines Sprite* for a bubbly base, Campari for its bitter and herbal notes, gin for a touch of botanicals, and sweet vermouth for a balanced sweetness. Together, these ingredients create a delightful and invigorating drink that captures the essence of a winter adventure.

Lucilles – Hot Buttered Rum

  • Captain Spiced Rum,
  • spicy butter
  • cinnamon

Immerse yourself in the perfect après-ski experience at Lucille’s with their signature cocktail – the Hot Buttered Rum, with Captain Spiced, spiced butter and a touch of cinnamon, to warm you up after a day on the slopes.

Central – Passionate Mezcalini

  • Mezcal Espadin,
  • Cointreau,
  • passion fruit pulp,
  • lime juice,
  • chili powder,
  • orange

One of our favorite cocktails, perfectly playing the smokiness of Mezcal and the spice of chili powder against the sweetness of passion fruit. It will instantly transport you to the warmth of the tropics, even on the coldest winter day.

SHACK – La Paloma Picante

  • Tequila El Jimador Reposado,
  • sparkling wine,
  • grapefruit juice,
  • jalapeno syrup,
  • soda

The Paloma Picante is a refreshing and spicy cocktail, mixing El Jimador Reposado tequila, sparkling wine, grapefruit juice, jalapeño syrup and soda. A balanced combination of spicy heat and citrus freshness.

FORGE – The Sparkling Mule

  • Sparkling wine,
  • vodka,
  • ginger beer,
  • lime juice,
  • mint

The Sparkling Mule is a sparkling cocktail that subtly combines the liveliness of sparkling wine, the power of vodka, the spiciness of ginger beer, the acidity of lime juice and the freshness of mint. A harmonious combination of flavors for a refreshing and effervescent experience.


  • Grappa Poli miele,
  • Triple dry,
  • chamomile syrup,
  • lemon juice

The Sofia cocktail offers a delicious harmony of flavors. Combining the sweetness of Miele Poli Grappa, the floral aroma of triple sec, the sweetness of chamomile syrup and the refreshing acidity of lemon juice, it creates a sophisticated blend that will delight the taste buds with its complex notes and lemony touch .

FAT MARDI’S – Le Fat’s Hurricane

  • White Rum & Spiced Dark Rum,
  • Passion Fruit Syrup,
  • Orange juice &
  • Fresh Lime

Fat’s Hurricane is a vibrant, tropical cocktail, pairing white rum and spiced dark rum for a robust base. It’s enriched with a passion fruit syrup that adds an exotic sweet touch, as well as fresh orange and lime juice for a lively acidity. The whole creates a harmonious blend of flavors, evoking the sunny atmosphere of the tropics with a light spiciness and an explosion of fruit.

SOCAL – Le Figaro

  • Homemade Fresh Fig & Bay Leaf Puree,
  • Tanqueray 10,
  • Saint Germain,
  • Fresh lemon juice,
  • Grapefruit Bitter

Le Figaro is a sophisticated cocktail that combines the elegance of homemade fresh fig puree infused with the subtle flavor of bay leaf. It is enriched with Tanqueray 10, a quality gin, St-Germain for a delicate floral touch, fresh lemon juice for lively acidity, and grapefruit bitters which adds a subtle bitterness. The whole creates a complex and well-balanced drink, offering a refined taste experience with fruity, floral and herbaceous notes.

YAMA NO KAMI – Nashi Sawa

  • Rum Barbados 5 years,
  • Belle de Brillet,
  • Pear juice,
  • Egg white,
  • Yuzu juice,
  • Bitter Pear,
  • Jasmine Flower Water

The Yama No Kami presents an exquisite combination of flavors in an elegant cocktail. Based on 5-year-old Barbados rum, it is combined with Belle de Brillet for a refined pear note. Pear juice adds fruity sweetness, while egg white contributes to a velvety texture. Yuzu juice brings a touch of lively acidity, while pear bitters add subtle bitterness. Finally, jasmine flower water completes the whole by adding a delicate floral note.

Terrasse Après-Ski – mulled wine

  • red wine
  • seasonal spices
  • orange

Terrasse Après-Ski at Fairmont offers a mulled wine that is a comforting and festive drink embodying the warm spirit of the season. This delicious winter brew typically combines a robust red wine with spices and citrus, creating a flavor-packed drink.

The famous Bloody Caesar – P’tit Caribou

  • Tito’s vodka
  • homemade spice blend
  • Clamato juice

Much more than just a cocktail: it’s an unforgettable drink experience. Prepared with quality Tito’s vodka, this mixture is enhanced with a clever blend of house spices, which gives it its unique and captivating flavor. To top it off, each glass is garnished with a piece of beef jerky, olives and old-fashioned pickles, adding a touch of richness and complexity to each sip. Taste it slowly to fully appreciate its nuances!

Ax Lounge Bar – Negroni

  • Gin
  • Red vermouth
  • Campari

Decorated with an orange peel or orange slice, the Negroni is a powerful and flavorful cocktail, perfectly balancing the herbaceous and bitter notes of vermouth and Campari with the botanical flavors of gin.

Refuge: hot chocolate with Coureur des bois

  • hot chocolate
  • Coureur des bois
  • whipped cream

This classic winter drink offers a comforting experience where the deep scent of Coureur des Bois meets the velvety sweetness of chocolate, creating a warm harmony in every sip.

Au Grain de Café – Café comique

  • capucino
  • Baileys
  • Kalhua

Café Comique is a delicious coffee creation that combines the rich aroma of cappuccino with exquisite alcoholic notes. This drink embodies the elegance of classic coffee with a touch of whimsy and a dose of fun.