The Planning and Development department of Station Mont Tremblant announced on May 6 the start of a major infrastructure repair project during the summer of 2022, representing an investment of ±$3.6 million.

This large-scale project consists of replacing the sewer and aqueduct pipes between the base of the South Side and the top of the mountain (±3km), as well as the replacement of the snowmaking pipes from the Flying Mile base to mid-mountain (±2km). The existing sewer and water services serving the Grand Manitou at the summit will remain in service during the work.

The project will run from May 2 to July 22. Then, a final phase is scheduled for mid-October until the end of the month to make sewer and water connections after the summer season.

Since the work will have an impact on the hiking trails network on the mountain, maps and directional signs will be installed to guide hikers.

Account of the scope of the construction site, we will make sure to send updates regularly in order to minimize the inconvenience caused by the work and thus offer the best experience to our guests.

Here’s a summary of the work planned for the first week of the project:

Monday, May 9

Installation of the snow pipes between the Flying Mile chairlift and the entrance of the Roy Scott slope. Reconstruction of the rock wall next to the Luge trail following the removal of the snow pipes temporarily installed at the bottom of the Roy Scott trail and the Équilibre 2 magic carpet.

Tuesday, May 10

Continuation of the installation of the snow pipes. Drilling in the rock planned at the exit of the Bière-en-Bas slope towards the exit of Beauvallon Bas.

Wednesday, May 11

Rock drilling continues. Snow removal from the Luge trail in front of the Ski Club building. Preparation for the excavation of the sewer and aqueduct service trench at the top of the Roy Scott trail to the Ski Club.


Until Friday, May 13

Blasting near the start of the Luge trail and between the exit of the Bière-en-Bas and Beauvallon Bas slopes. Installation of sewer and water pipes in the Roy Scott slope. Seeding and laying hay in the Équilibre 2 magic carpet area to control erosion.