snow clouds neige tremblant gondola télécabine

Snow production was slowed early in the week because of mild temperatures. But rest assured! The snow produced throughout the weekend has been preserved and it already covers the trails that will host the skiers and snowboarders during the 24h of Tremblant. The preparatory work for the big event is ongoing and the pedestrian village is already taking on a festive atmosphere.

The weather will let us restart our snowmaking system for Thursday and Friday. The snowmaking plan aims to add snow cover on the trails open for the general public, especially on the north face, and thus provide the best possible experience on the slopes this weekend.

The 24h event will be held on the Crête, Beauvallon Haut and Bas, Roy Scott and Johannsen trails. Furthermore, the P’tit Bonheur, Beauchemin Haut and Bas, Taschereau and Charron trails will be open to the public during the weekend.

Good news! We plan to ski down to the south side base by Monday morning. With a top-notch snowmaking team like ours, who needs Mother Nature?

We look forward to seeing you on the slopes!

* Note to alpine hikers: there will be no alpine touring on the mountain on December 5 and 6 because of limited slope space.



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