Copyright photo : Pierre Durocher

Tremblant has no secrets for former Olympian Peter Duncan who has been carving his way down the tallest peak in the Laurentians for over 50 years now. He knows the mountain inside out, particularly the Duncan trail named after his Dad Charlie who was in charge of operations and the village in its ealier days. “This trail that my dad cleared with his own hands is anchored in me. I could ski it blindfolded,” states the former Canadian alpine ski champion. Ever passionate about the discipline he defines as a lifestyle rather than a sport, Peter Duncan still enjoys carving turns exactly where he was instructed to by his famous ski coach Ernie McCulloch, head of the Tremblant Ski School back in 1950. Far from being nostalgic, he considers he’s privileged to have witnessed Tremblant’s metamorphosis. “From the evolution of snowmaking since the 50s and the arrival of emerging clienteles who provided a window on the world, to the latest cutting edge ski gear, Tremblant’s entire story has unfolded before me,” declares the man who remembers how narrow trails were once groomed on snowshoes, shovel in hand!

January – A Time to Enjoy the Mountain & Pedestrian Village
Peter Duncan particularly enjoys the mountain in January when the combined efforts of a powerful snowmaking system and Mother Nature offer superb snow conditions. Not to mention terrific après-skis in the pedestrian village where ski and snowboard gurus meet up to deliberate about their shared passion.

“I think skiing is not age-related and it’s not about skill. It’s about the pure pleasure of being out there, together,” says Peter.

And also for the events that are hosted here, including the FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup showcasing the world’s finest bump athletes. This high-calibre competition often reminds him of a time when he raced himself ? like the mythical Kandahar and Taschereau races and of course, the Ryan Cup.

Looking forward, Peter Duncan will continue skiing with the sun as his forerunner, starting the day on the North Side and wrapping it up on the South, enjoying the wonderful lake views and superb conditions. After a prolific career as an athlete, pro skier, TV ski commentator and businessman, he hopes to enjoy the countless pleasures of skiing at Tremblant for a long time to come. A place dear to his heart, where the snow school’s fine reputation and the resort’s openess on the world make him feel particularly proud.