La Grande corvée is back this spring for a 5th edition!

Since 2022, Mont Tremblant Resort has organized 2 major Grande Corvées (clean-up events) at the end of each season. Thanks to the mobilization of more than 270 volunteers across 4 editions now, nearly 4,700 pounds of waste were collected from the roadsides and trails, on and around the mountain. Although we advocate “leave no trace” in all activities offered at the resort, we are forced to note that this policy is not yet common pratice. This event therefore raises awareness among the general public of issues such as waste management, which directly affects our ecosystem.


In the spring of 2023, our partner TELUS committed to donating $5 per pound of waste collected to Carbone boréal. A check for $6,880 was given to this university research program which focuses on the sequestration of forest carbon and which develops plantation projects in Quebec’s boreal forests. During the last edition, in october 2023, TELUS presented a check for $5,000 to Tremblant to finance part of its “1 hire = 1 tree” reforestation project, the winning project of our 2022 employee driven eco-responsible ideas competition. 300 young trees were planted last year on an old ski slope included among the 2.5 hectares identified as areas to be reforested.

On April 22, 2024, on the occasion of Earth Day, Tremblant will be hosting the 5th edition of its Grande Corvée. We hope many of you come and lend a hand, so save the date! All necessary equipment will be provided, including a map of the area to be cleaned, gloves, garbage bags and a bib. You can also bring your own tools if you wish. If you are not available that day, there is nothing stopping you from joining this movement by helping clean-up your neighborhood and spreading awarness about waste management. Every little gesture counts and together we will make a difference!