Ski season can be very fickle weather-wise! But worry not dear skiers. Our Mountain Ops team is always ready for anything and is continuously working on making the best conditions.

Maintenance-wise, rain soaked snow behaves quite differently then winter snow. Grooming this type of snow can cause it to deteriorate at a much faster rate. The natural rain packed surface also typically offers a better skiing and boarding experience than trying to groom it with a machine, which would leave irreparable marks. That’s why we wait for the water to drain from the snow before grooming.

We constantly keep an eye on weather changes, which means we’re aware that we are looking at a tricky transition period in the coming days, as colder temperatures are set to return to Tremblant. We will be vigilant in grooming the snow before it hardens, breaking it up so the frost doesn’t create a thick layer of ice. A result of this operation we can see “golf balls” appear, which will be broken apart gradually by skiers and groomers. It can take up to 3 days before the mountain gets back into top shape, during which some machines will be working up to 48h non-stop.

From extreme cold to periods of rain in less than a week, temperatures are increasingly extreme and unpredictable. However, skiers who are well equipped and ready to take up the challenge will be rewarded! The wet, heavy snow provides a fun, slower, gliding experience and is a favourite for many skiers and snowboarders. For most, spring-like conditions are ranked second best, right below powder skiing. So get your waterproof clothing out and come enjoy! Unless there are risks of electrical storms, the lifts will remain open in the rain. No lift lines, fun slushy snow, warm weather… skiing these conditions is definitely worth trying. Plus, you never know when the sun will come back out!