Each year, our family of athlete ambassadors grows. This season, Tremblant is proud to represent 7 new local recruits. Discover who they are and learn more about them and their journey here.


Mikael André Dansereau

Discipline : Telemark

“I always tell myself the following: « Build your path, make it better! » and this path started at Mont-Tremblant when I did the Expo run for my first time in telemark at 5 years old. Tremblant is where I reconnect with nature, friends, and family, my three happiness drivers.”

Embarking on the telemark journey at the age of 5, Mikael Andre Dansereau started racing at 8, earning recognition and recruitment by Telemark Quebec. In 2009, the Provincial and National Telemark race tour that unfolded across Canada and Quebec, set the stage for Mikael’s burgeoning talent.

At 14, Mikael made his mark internationally at the Eastern US Telemark National Championship, followed by his inaugural Telemark World Cup starts at Suicide Six mountain and Sugar Bush mountain in Vermont at the age of 16. The 2022-2023 race season marked a significant chapter as Mikael embarked on his first full World Cup tour, achieving remarkable feats. Notably, a career best at the All, Norway Sprint World Cup, where he secured a 14th position, and showcasing his prowess with a 15th place finish in the Classic at Murren, Switzerland FIS World Championships.

Looking ahead to the 2023-2024 season, Mikael is poised to continue his presence on the tour until February, participating in most FIS Telemark World Cups. Subsequently, he plans to focus on completing his business studies and training for the 2024-2025 season, driven by the determination to further elevate his standing in the world of telemark racing. Follow him while he competes this winter.


Natalie Allport

Discipline : Freestyle Snowboarding

“Some of my best memories are here at Tremblant – winning my first major competition here at 17, spring park laps with friends, and groomer runs with family. I love the atmosphere of the village and I wouldn’t be the snowboarder I am without all the time I have spent here!”

Natalie began competing in freestyle snowboarding as a teenager and would come to Tremblant often for competitions. At 17 she won the Billabong Flaunt It event here, which led to her selection on the Junior National Team for the next season, and the launch of her international slopestyle career getting to represent Canada at events like Junior World Championships, FIS World Cups, and World Tour events. After 4 seasons with the national program, she retired from competition. However, through riding here at Tremblant with friends and family, she fell in love with snowboarding all over again, winning her first competition back (Apik fest, a rail jam in Montreal). She’s now riding and competing again with big goals in freeride and freestyle.

Natalie is passionate about women in sports and athlete mental health and when she isn’t snowboarding you can find her at the gym (she is also an accomplished CrossFit athlete), skateboarding, or adventuring with her dog Bali. Learn more about her and her freestyle skills.


Anne-Laurie Bettez

Discipline : Alpine Snowboarding

“For me the mountains are my second home… if I’m not at my house, you know where to find me!”

Starting snowboarding at a young age, on a soft boot board, she quickly realized that she needed more adrenaline in her sport. With alpine snowboarding, which she has been practicing for 10 years now, she fell in love with the speed and the challenges available to her. It was at the age of 15 that she took part in her first Nor-Am races and she has been competing constantly ever since. Last season, her results took her to perform for the first time in more than 10 countries. She has competed in over 23 competitions, including 3 World Cups, 4 European Cups and the FIS World Junior Championships.

Her next goal would be to accumulate as many podiums as possible and become a member of the national team. Cheer her on in her athlete journey.



Pénélope Sauvé St-Martin

Discipline : Alpine touring – Ski

Ski enthusiast since a very young age, Pénélope practices snow sports whenever she can! Former alpine skiing instructor and big fan of the playgrounds offered in the Laurentian region – she is never too far from a mountain.

She spends her winter playing outside, juggling between alpine skiing, alpine touring, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. Her perfect day: start with first tracks at Tremblant, spend the afternoon alpine turing in the Sasquatch trail, and end the day with an aperitif on a hay bale at the bottom of the slopes on the North side. Follow her mountain adventures this winter.


Laurence Prévost

Discipline : Skiing with her family

Coming from a family of skiers, Laurence put on her first pair of skis at the age of 3 years old. She very quickly fell in love with nature and the outdoors, but especially with outdoor family outings. Now a mom of 2 children of 2 and 3 years of age, she hopes to pass on this passion for playing outside. Passionate about alpine skiing, alpine touring, mountain biking and running, Tremblant is for her the perfect destination to get active, both in summer and winter. But it’s always better with friends and family!

Competitive person, she competed in ski races throughout her childhood. She loves to teach skiing to her children, to show them to surpass themselves, and to overcome challenges. Dive into her outdoor family life.



Discipline : Snowpark – Snowboard

Since forever, even before the kids were born and subsequently with them, extreme sports have been a part of their daily life. They are simply passionate people. Together, sporting diversification allows them to reinforce their family ties and to develop a multitude of motor skills that help them perform better. At Tremblant, they have a vast playground, in winter as in summer. This is where the magic happens!

Felix, Xavier and Axel, the Evo KDZ, grew up in the gondola and learned to snowboard before they even walked. Everything that goes up must come down! Proud snowpark ambassadors for the 2023-24 season, this family team continues their training in the Tremblant snowparks! Go see their snowpark skills.


Erica Fox

Discipline : Ski – Lifestyle

Erica loves skiing on the weekends with her family and enjoy the magical energy of the Tremblant pedestrian village. She finds that Tremblant has an amazing skiing and many beautiful shops and restaurants. Her children love spending hours at the Virtual Reality Arcade and she loves spending hours at the beautiful Après-Ski terrace at the Fairmont Hotel. Another place she loves is Le Refuge du Trappeur on the Soleil side to enjoy in the middle of her ski day – it’s her favourite hidden gem on the mountain.

Having learned to ski at 35 years old, she hopes to inspire other people to try new things whatever their age, and that it is never too late to learn a new skill or sport! Discover her favourite spots at Tremblant.


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