Tremblant, first company in Quebec to achieve level 4 certification of the Ecoresponsible Program of the Sustainable Industries Council.

5 years after joining the CID Eco-Responsible Program, Tremblant reached the highest level of certification. Controlled by Ecocert Canada, obtaining this certification rewards the fruit of continuous work which demonstrates Station Mont Tremblant’s commitment to sustainable development. In this blog, we’ll provide a brief summary of the measures implemented by Tremblant and outline our future aspirations after achieving Level 4 Elite status.

More than 20 years of commitment

For over two decades, Mont Tremblant Resort has dedicated itself to sustainable development, actively taking steps to safeguard its environment. As early as 1997, Tremblant committed to preserving a portion of its land with significant wildlife potential by registering a non-construction easement. This land was donated to the City of Mont-Tremblant in 2023 as a natural wildlife reserve, ensuring perpetual conservation.

In 2016, Tremblant established a sustainable development committee to formulate a comprehensive framework. The subsequent year saw the adoption of a sustainable development charter and a strategic action plan, aligning with the 17 UN objectives and the Government of Quebec’s Action Plan for Responsible and Sustainable Tourism.

Driven by the desire to advocate, expedite, and streamline the incorporation of sustainable development principles into its operational framework, Tremblant enrolled in the Ecoresponsible Program of the Sustainable Industries Council. In 2017, the council granted Tremblant Level 1 Engagement certification to emphasize its dedication. The goal for Mont Tremblant Resort is to promote the adoption of best practices among its suppliers, customers, and subcontractors while endeavoring to exert a positive influence on all aspects of the resort’s activities related to its products, services, and infrastructure.

In 2019, Mont Tremblant Resort achieved Level 2 Performance, followed by Level 3 Optimum in 2021. By 2023, it made history as the first Quebec company to attain the highest certification level, Level 4 Elite, from the Ecoresponsible Program. This recognition acknowledges sustained efforts and solidifies the station’s standing as a prominent entity in sustainable development within Quebec.

For further details, we encourage you to explore our sustainable development report, published in December 2023 and accessible on our website.

The Next Steps

For Mont Tremblant Resort, achieving this certification will help the resort to leverage its leadership status to garner additional support for the implementation of its action plan. This includes seeking new subsidies and encouraging stakeholders to actively embrace its eco-responsible practices.

Currently, Tremblant is in the process of updating its action plan for 2026, aligning with the same areas of intervention as the Government of Quebec in responsible and sustainable tourism. The resort is committed to initiating new projects for sustainable development and continual improvement. Addressing challenges such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, managing residual materials, and promoting the circular economy will shape the future trajectory of Mont Tremblant Resort in the years ahead.

Your collaboration is crucial

While Mont Tremblant Resort distinguishes itself with this certification, it urges other organizations to engage and adopt eco-responsible practices, becoming positive agents of change. In the context of the climate crisis, collective mobilization and collaboration are essential. Each individual plays a significant role in embracing increasingly eco-responsible practices, contributing collectively to make a meaningful difference.