Karen is Erik’s no.1 fan; she has been for the last 7 years. No matter where the race is taking place in the world, she watches and cheers for her hubby. Sometimes Leni, the youngest of her two children (they are expecting their third child on March 20th) will be awake, without any idea of what is going on in her daddy’s life. Her oldest, Logann, is just starting to realize it, but does not quite fully understand what all the buzz is about. As the children grow older and another child is on the way, the challenge of balancing Erik’s schedule between family time and his career is getting trickier. But Karen is a bundle of joy and no matter what the challenge is, she handles it superbly!

“I knew what I was getting into it when I met Erik. I have a great circle of friends that help him out a lot and my family in law is amazing. The fact that we live in Tremblant helps. If we were in Europe it would be quite different—there is less pressure in Canada, for sure.”

As the Sochi Olympics are drawing near, like most Canadians, Karen Guay is getting pretty anxious for this Sunday’s race. As usual, she will stay up and watch her husband’s performance. Only this time, she knows how much it means to him, even though most of the time, there is usually no ski talk at home.

“Erik is so great with pressure; we never feel it at home, especially the children. We barely talk about it, because I just never know what to say. I‘m so afraid of saying something that would change his mind set, that I just listen, and try to make him laugh. Last time it did not go well, I told him that is was so Canadian of him to give the other guys the podium! He laughed about it.”

When things goes well, Erik calls her as soon as possible. If they don’t, Karen usually expects a call later during that day. She is not too worried, especially since Erik mentioned that he would like to participate in the next Olympics if possible, so the pressure is off! At home, Erik is a champion no matter what, and for the kids, he is the daddy that the children can’t wait to see. Anyone who knows Erik and his family would all agree on how humble they are.

We wish Erik all the best this Sunday and the Mont Tremblant Resort will surely be rocking if he does well!