Did you know that, from January to December 2017, Mont Tremblant Resorts and Company collected over 115 tons of compostable materials and nearly 600 tons of recyclable materials?

This achievement has reduced the resort’s greenhouse gas emissions record; as organic matter that decomposes in landfills under piles of waste and in the absence of oxygen generates environmentally harmful gases such as methane and nitrous oxide. When composted, these materials are transformed into soil fertilizer.

Today, many buildings, cafeterias, hotels and restaurants take part in the resort’s composting project. These include Le Grand Manitou, Chalet des Voyageurs including Base Camp, Fourchette du Diable, Café Johannsen, Le Shack, Fat Mardi’s, St-Hubert, Bullseye Saloon, Bistro au Grain de Café, Coco Pazzo and others.

In cafeterias, disposable plates and bowls are now made of cardboard and other compostable materials. Le Grand Manitou, the ski area’s main cafeteria located at the summit of the mountain, has a Level 2 certificate of recognition for the implementation of the ICI ON RECYCLE! program.

With the introduction of recycling as early as 1996 and the collection of compostable materials in 2013, the resort’s efforts to reduce its ecological footprint keep increasing. By 2020, based on the golden rule of the 3RC, Mont Tremblant Resorts and Company hopes to implement 100% composting and include all merchants, hotels, employee rooms, restaurants and the pedestrian village to the project.


Where does the trash go from the summit of Mont Tremblant?
See the video below to find out how Tremblant recycles and composts from the Grand Manitou.