The Olympic Games of Sochi created a lot of emotion at Mont Tremblant Resort. For the first time in its history, five of its athlete-ambassadors were part of the Canadian team: Erik Guay, Jasey-Jay Anderson, Charles Reid, Ariane Lavigne and Brittany Phelan. All originating from Mont-Tremblant, these local athletes are the pride of a community that saw them grow up and witnessed their climb towards the Olympics.

This feeling of proximity was even more omnipresent for the employees of the resort who were in close contact with the Director of Boutiques, Françoise Hétu. Through her experience as a mother of an athlete (Charles Reid), her colleagues and friends were able to vicariously live every stage, from qualifying to the actual Games.

These athletes who have made enormous sacrifices to get all the way to Sochi deserve our praise. We wish them all the best in their continued quest towards excellence and, mostly, to never stop dreaming. Some will choose to pursue their careers, others will decide to take a different path. Regardless, they represent the elite in sport and are good role models for future generations.

Mont Tremblant Resort, in collaboration with the city of Mont-Tremblant, would like to pay tribute to all the athletes of Mont-Tremblant in an honorary ceremony that will take place at the resort on Saturday, March 29th. Stay tuned for further details.