Whether you are an experienced cyclist or a fan of family outings, Tremblant offers a variety of bike routes that will allow you to discover the natural beauty of the region.

Here are some route ideas to explore depending on your level and your choice of bike.

Family Journey

With comfortable hybrid bikes, the whole family can enjoy an easy excursion. Here are some trails that we recommend for a leisurely stroll suitable for all ages:

  • Le P’tit Train du Nord: ideal for families and beginners. This long flat trail follows an old railway line and offers varied and magnificent landscapes.
  • La Villageoise-de-Mont-Tremblant: this asphalted and well-maintained trail offers a loop that partly runs along the Diable River.

Routes for Adventurers

Adventure enthusiasts will appreciate the more technical forest trails. With sturdy mountain bikes, you’ll be able to tackle varied terrain, from challenging climbs to thrilling descents. Explore the wooded paths, discovering spectacular vistas at every turn. Here are some of our favorites:

  • La Lynx: Head to La Lynx to enjoy an accessible trail offering incredible views of the Diable River.
  • Deer Mountain: Several mountain bike trails wind through this area. After a 10-15 minute climb via La Marmite or Deer Mountain trail, choose one of approximately 8 intermediate to advanced trails to descend.
  • The Gorge: This advanced level trail offers a mix of rustic trail and flow track with table tops and bank turns.

Routes for Road Enthusiasts

Road bike enthusiasts will be delighted by the numerous circuits available. With light and fast road bikes, you can cover long distances while admiring the picturesque landscapes. Challenge yourself on the steep climbs and enjoy the fast descents of the following paths:

  • IRONMAN training route: Ride along Chemin Duplessis and Route 117, thanks to the very first official marked IRONMAN route, and discover the vast natural territory of Mont-Tremblant as well as the quaint municipalities of Lac-Supérieur, La Conception and Labelle. You can follow this 90 km circuit using the permanently installed markers.
  • Mont-Tremblant National Park: Cycle to Lake Monroe in Mont-Tremblant National Park by following the Lac Supérieur road, which is sure to charm you with its green and mountainous landscapes of the Laurentians.

Electric Bikes: Effortless Energy

For those who want to enjoy nature without too much effort, electric bikes are the ideal solution. With pedal assist, you will be able to cover longer distances and climb hills without difficulty. Enjoy incredible panoramic views without getting excessively tired.

No matter your skill level or preferred riding style, Tremblant offers routes suitable for all types of cyclists. With bike rental included in the Multi-activity bundle, you can explore the region at your own pace while saving on your activities.

Don’t forget to consult the trail map available online or at the rental point to plan your route and fully enjoy your day cycling in Tremblant.