Are you looking for a good workout but can’t make it outside or to the gym? Is rain keeping you in or you have no time during lunch hour? The solution is steps … No, not as in taking a walk, but as in stairs. If you have access to a stairwell or at least a dozen or so steps, you can have yourself a perfectly efficient pre-ski workout.

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Start by getting warmed up with a few steps up and down. Then take two minutes to stretch your calves by pointing your toes against the wall or on a step and gently push the knee forward. Hold the stretch and gradually increase the amplitude going into the corners of the joint. Seeing as your ankle does not bend only in a perfectly linear way, you’ll want to push your knee forward yes, but also in an interior and exterior diagonal angle…  Similar to the way your knees and ankles flex in your ski boots.



Once you’ve stretched and mobilized your ankle, you can increase the pace. Make it your goal to make the most ups and downs in a given time. You can up the ante of the training by adding squats or other movements, like push-ups, at the base of the steps, at the top, or both. You can also change the pattern of your steps. For example, you can try going one step at a time, 2×2, 3×3, jump with your feet together, only one foot (holding the ramp of course), etc. Have fun with it!




In collaboration with Karl Britten—Trainer at Aquaclub La Source, Tremblant Resort