You’ve planned your vacation, your stay is booked, it’s time to think about packing! With changeable weather and a varied list of activities to discover in Tremblant this summer, it’s not always easy to think of everything you’ll need to bring. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of the essentials for you. Of course, if you forget anything, the boutiques and specialty shops in the pedestrian village have everything you need and more!

Warm clothes and light clothes

In our little mountainous corner of the Laurentians, summer days can get pretty hot and evenings rather cool. We therefore advise you to bring lighter clothes for your excursions and sports activities. Around supper time, the mercury can drop rather quickly. You’ll then appreciate warmer pieces, such as a sweater and long pants. A waterproof jacket can also serve as a warm layer in the evening and protection in case of rain throughout the day.

Good shoes

Along with your sandals, don’t forget your running or walking shoes! If you plan to walk in the trails, go on a bike ride, or even just walk around the village, a good pair of comfortable shoes deserves a place in your suitcase. For a more adventurous mountain hike, opt for taller boots to protect the ankles.


Be it an afternoon of relaxation in the thermal baths or a day in the sun at the beach, a swimsuit will certainly come in handy. Several hotels and condos in Tremblant have swimming pools and spas to enjoy during your stay. You can also have fun on the slides at the brind’O aquaclub, no matter the weather!

Accessories for excursions

Are you planning on reaching the top of the Laurentians? Whether you get there by hiking or by taking the Panoramic Gondola, here are some items to bring in your backpack for a mountain excursion:

  • reusable water bottle,
  • mosquito repellent,
  • hat or cap,
  • windproof jacket,
  • sunglasses,
  • sunscreen.

Add some snacks to your pack and you’ll be ready to explore Tremblant!

Happy packing! We look forward to seeing you this summer!