Saluting the talent of Tremblant’s champions!

Last November 22, Tremblant unveiled its Wall of Fame located at the renovated Grand Manitou. A space is now dedicated to athletes who marked the ski and snowboard universe. The opening ceremony took place in the presence of the community, medias, Ariane Lavigne, Peter Duncan, Jean-Guy Brunet, Linda Crutchfield, Robin Fémy et Jasey-Jay Anderson.

” This permanent masterpiece is the symbol of our pride in the courage and commitment of our local champions. ” Annique Aird, vice-president, Sales and Marketing at Mont Tremblant Resorts and Company

Throughout its history, Tremblant witnessed the evolution of many international athletes and it’s in the Grand Manitou that the community brings back their achievements. They are now officially part of Tremblant’s history. So far, the wall showcases 19 athletes who have taken part in the Olympics or Paralymics, and we are confident that there will be more to come!

Thanks to our local champions for being great role models for future generations and surely inspire local youth.

Relive the unveiling of the Wall of Fame:


” When I think back to my career and that of my teammates, it is great to be all together, young and old, to celebrate our common passion and to remember our memories on the slopes. Our heart is, and will always be, in Tremblant. ” Peter Duncan, alpine skier and Olympian

List of athletes:

Alpine or para-alpine skiing:

Rhoda and Rhona Wurtele, Lucile Wheeler, Jean-Guy Brunet, Peter Duncan, Linda Crutchfield, Brigitte Acton, Ryan Semple, Anna Goodman, Robin Fémy, Julien Cousineau, Erik Guay, Brittany Phelan, Valérie Grenier and Alexis Guimond.


Brett Carpentier, Jasey-Jay Anderson, Charles Reid, Ariane Lavigne and Caroline Calvé.

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