On June 6, the Tremblant Resort Association team unveiled the new name for its conference centre. In addition to reinventing the “traditional” experience of conventions and business meetings, Tremblant Base Camp serves as a new benchmark for mountain-sized challenges and projects of all kinds!

Bernard Voyer
Bernard Voyer at Quartier Tremblant – Base Camp

During a recent visit, explorer Bernard Voyer shared his vision of the base camp concept and discussed the many expeditions in which he has taken part. As the logistical hub for each adventure, base camps are where everything begins and ends. Above all, they are where new ideas take shape.

Base camp: The first step in the challenge

Bernard Voyer wears many hats: in addition to being an explorer and a mountain climber, he is a keynote speaker with a deep-seated passion for winter. Over the past 30 years, he has traveled the world, embracing a never-ending itinerary and choosing paths that would lead him further—and higher.

In the course of each adventure, explorers use the base camp as a repository for their hopes and dreams. For each ascent, it serves as an essential landmark upon which success ultimately depends.

When a group of explorers arrives at the base camp, they all look up towards the same summit. The organizer will attest to the camp’s importance as a place where strategies are hammered out and where life-and-death commitments and decisions are made. Conversations there may lead to conflict and contestation—but the base camp is also where the flame of pride is kindled.

In addition to being a starting-off point, the base camp is also the finish line: once Everest has been scaled, the climber must descend once again. Back in the base camp, the champagne flows and exploits are recounted as the teammates look forward to the next challenge.

Quartier Tremblant’s Base Camp

In addition to conquering the highest peak on Earth, Bernard Voyer has traveled to both the North and South Poles. There is not a shadow of doubt in his mind: without a base camp, none of those accomplishments would have been possible.

Tremblant fully understands the symbolic importance of the base camp. In keeping with Bernard Voyer’s line of thinking, the local conference centre, now known as Quartier Tremblant’s Base Camp, has been completely revamped and is sure to become the high point for a host of adventures. Projects of all shapes and sizes will come into being, and celebrations of their success will be held there as well.

For the management team, reinventing the facility was an essential part of efforts to create a revitalized experience. The Base Camp is designed to be a creative space, where every room can be transformed in accordance with users’ needs. Noted for its friendly, high-energy atmosphere and expert service, everything in Quartier Tremblant has been put into place to make a clean break with “traditional” meetings and conventions.

Once you’ve discovered this new starting point for your future projects, you’ll keep on coming back to the Quartier Tremblant’s Base Camp to celebrate as you climb to even greater heights!