Our vision: an inspiring place where future projects are born. The first stop before countless encounters and the starting point of many experiences yet to be had, we present: Quartier Tremblant – Base Camp.


Blending sports, wellness, music, relaxation, exciting food and nightlife, Quartier Tremblant redefines group and business get-togethers in a natural country environment. The wide variety of unique areas and personalized programs aim to improve the efficiency of your meetings, all the while promoting the well-being of participants and their achievements. Brainstorming sessions in the pedestrian village, relaxing moments on the mountain, team-building tours with Ziptrek, project presentations at the beach … we offer solutions for all of your meeting objectives!

With gathering spaces and activities throughout the resort, we’ve thought of to break with the traditional look and feel of meetings: spaces for reflection, learning and sharing of skills through participation, consultants to support and coach, healthy meals, energizing treatments, cozy accommodations, ares that are conducive to creativity and interactions – all in a friendly and safe environment where everything is within walking distance.


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Take your team to the top! It all starts at the Quartier Tremblant Base Camp. Whether you’re an event organizer, or simply have a large group to lead, let us guide you in planning your meeting.

You can reach our sales team at corpo@tremblant.ca at anytime to assist you with planning your next team meeting at Tremblant.