Makeover for Le Grand Manitou

Have you heard the good news? Alterra Mountain Company has announced major investments in its properties. For us, this equates to the renovation and expansion of Le Grand Manitou, the replacement of the Lowell Thomas lift, the opening of new glades, the renovation of the Fourchette du Diable building at the North base and other additions and improvements.

Renovations have already begun at Le Grand Manitou. To better welcome you, the main chalet will be expanded to showcase an abundance of windows and 400 additional seats while the food service area will be completely redesigned.

Please note that the Panoramic Gondola will be in operation according to the usual schedule to give you access to the highest peak in the Laurentians. During renovations, a catering service is offered at the Midi-Express mobile canteen, as well as a guest services counter, a boutique and restrooms that will be open according to the Panoramic Gondola’s schedule.

We have set up a security perimeter to allow you to safely admire the view. A space including Adirondack chairs and picnic tables has also been set up next to the TGV chairlift for you to fully enjoy the mountain’s serenity.

Le Grand Manitou will be closed during renovations and will reopen for the ski season opening in November. We are proud to bring a breath of fresh air to this important gathering place!

Curious to learn more about the makeover? We will be posting updates regularly throughout the summer to allow you to follow this project’s progress.

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