Lowell Thomas chairlift – Follow the Progression

As announced earlier on March 12, Alterra Mountain Company is planning major investments in its properties. For Mont Tremblant Resorts and Company, this means replacing the Lowell Thomas chairlift, renovating and expanding the Grand Manitou, opening of new glades, renovating the Fourchette du Diable on the North side as well as other additions and improvements.

Work on the Lowell Thomas lift has already begun and we wished to keep you informed on the progress.

What is being done?

The chairlift will be entirely replaced by a new detachable high speed quad chairlift from Doppelmayr. The lift’s hourly capacity will be increased by 600 skiers, bringing it to 2400 skiers per hour. Dismantling of the lift started on April 9. Abundant snow accumulation allowed for swifter and safer transportation.

The first stage consisted in removing all the chairs. Our team sorted the parts to be either recycled or used as spare parts for the Porte du Soleil lift.

Removing the chairs

Cables were then unhooked from the sheave assembly to be removed. Since this cable could not be assigned to another lift, it was cut into small segments for recycling.

Unhooking of the cables

Then, we disassembled and cut the lift towers that will serve as drainage pipes at various locations on the mountain.

Disassembly and cutting of the towers

Large equipment such as the electric motor and transmission will also be saved as spare parts for the Porte du Soleil lift. It is also the beginning of a new life for the diesel engine that will serve as an emergency generator.

When the ski season ended, we were able to complete the dismantling of terminals and began the foundations’ demolition. Once again, most of the components will be reused to minimize the environmental impact.

Dismantling of the terminals

Demolition of the foundations 

By the end of the month, the new lift’s manufacturer will mobilize its construction team. Frequent updates will be posted throughout the summer to allow you to follow the progress of this project!

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