The sunny season is here and what’s a better way to cool off than to eat an cold snack? The Tremblant pedestrian village has many spots to satisfy your ice cream needs during hot summer days. Whether you like soft or hard ice cream, in a cone or in a bowl, classic or colourful flavours, find what you are looking for at the resort. So here is every place where you can eat an iced treat this summer at Tremblant.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

In addition to their wide range of chocolate and treats, the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, located on Place Saint-Bernard, also has ice cream in many forms. Try their different flavours of ice cream bars and dip them in chocolate for a little something extra. Or opt for a classic with their hard ice cream. They have over 10 decadent flavours for every taste. And it is all homemade!


Renowned all over the province, Chocolato offers a great range of ice cream products. They are of course known for their many chocolate dips, but they also have delicious sundaes, hard ice cream and gelatos of different flavours, ice cream floats (a slushy with soft ice cream on top), or simply a good soft ice cream cone. What will you choose?

Moozoo Creamery / BeaverTails

In adition to their delicious pastries, the BeaverTails store in Old-Tremblant also has a Moozoo Creamery counter with its wide choice of hard ice cream. Choose from one of 20+ ice cream flavours and sorbets to eat in a cone or a bowl, or even eat your ice cream on a beaver tail of your choice. The best of both worlds!


The latest addition to the resort! Located right in the middle of the pedestrian village, the Mi-Station eco-friendly counter offers many treats to eat on the go for your busy days at the resort. They have a soft ice cream machine to serve you cones or create yummy sundaes with milk chocolat, salted caramel, bubblegym, or cotton candy sauce on top. They also have ice cream floats, slushies, vegan ice cream bars, and you can add sprinkle candy and pearls on your ice cream. It is the perfect spot for an afternoon treat this summer!

Cabane à sucre de la montagne

At the entrance to the pedestrian village, the Cabane à sucre de la montagne is well-known for its famous maple taffy. But it also offers maple butter flavoured soft ice cream, on which they add a maple taffy coulis. A real Canadian delight!


What kind of treat will you choose on your next visit to Tremblant?