Raining during your stay? There is still so much to do! Depending on how hard it is raining, if you have good rain gear and how keen you are to go outside, you can do most activities at the resort. The weather also has a tendency to change about ten times a day: a bit of sun, a bit of rain, a bit of wind… A taste of everything summer in Quebec has to offer! To best game plan is to be ready for any of these alternatives and have a back-up activity ready to go.

Here are the main things to do on a rainy day in Tremblant:

Go for a gondola ride

Even if it’s grey or raining, a visit to the top of the mountain is always worth the trip. The ride up and back in the gondola offers a panoramic view of the Laurentians from its highest peak… Or at least a moody Instagram picture!

There’s a little lake up in the mountains

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Note that the Panoramic Gondola will be closed during more severe storms. *This activity is included in the activity card

Go make something

Get your creative juices flowing by using your rainy day to create a cuddly friend at Univers Toutou, paint a masterpiece at Studio Creatif or personalize your own t-shirt.

Discover your detective abilities

New since this winter, Mission Liberté offers an enthralling form of year-round indoor entertainment right in the pedestrian village. Themed rooms will immerse you in a fun and family-friendly experience where you must solve riddles an locate clues in order to find the key to your freedom!

Like a larger than life video game

Our state-of-the-art laser tag arena combines the latest high-tech gear and thrilling action to offer an exciting indoor activity in Tremblant. You’ll feel as if you’re in the heart of a video game!

Tremblant Virtual Reality

New! Tremblant’s Virtual Reality Experience Centre, the latest indoor experience. Come and try thrilling, immersive VR rides like our Extreme Roller Coaster Ride in our new full-motion seats or another one of our 20 experiences adapted for all ages. You can also reserve a play session for 1-4 people or the whole centre for kids parties or groups of up to 15 players.

Go play with luck

Surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountain’s Versant Soleil, the Casino de Mont-Tremblant offers so much more than the thrill of gambling. The gorgeous chalet-style casino houses 500 slot machines and a variety of card and gaming tables but also boasts an award winning, in-house restaurant. So, even for those who don’t like to gamble, it’s worth a visit to enjoy a great meal, a beautiful view and live musical performances.  MT-T-ete-recommande

Go shop ‘til you drop

Discover hidden gems in Tremblant with our diverse variety of places to shop. With over 30 retail locations to be found in the area, from small boutiques to larger chain stores, you’re sure to find that unique souvenir or that perfect present you’ve been looking for.

Go pamper yourself

A rainy day is a perfect excuse to indulge in a luxurious massage, enjoy the well-being of thermotherapy or soak in a hot-tub. You can find great spa services at Spa Le Scandinave and in the resort at the Westin Resort and Spa or Fairmont Amerispas.

Go for a bite

The rain can seem like a beautiful thing while sitting on a covered terrace…

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We’ve been making quite a name for ourselves as a delectable food scene. Local French Canadian flavors mix with international culinary influences to create a diverse array of dishes to be enjoyed in over 30 restaurants. More in the mood for a drink? There are plenty of watering holes to grab a pint or glass of whiskey.


Go get even wetter

So it’s wet outside. Why not go all in? Unless there’s a major electrical storm (which don’t happen too often), you can still go kayaking, rafting, ziplining and so much more! It’s just water right?

All in all, a rainy day in Tremblant is still better than a sunny day at the office!