With the comeback of winter temperatures in the past few days, the snow guns have been producing more than ever. In the wake of last weekend’s downpour, our team has been working on compensating for the warm periods and erasing any traces left by the rain. Natural snow accumulations (35 cm since Monday!) combined with our ongoing efforts, helped to greatly improve the available skiing surface. Therefore, several trails have opened during the week and the snow conditions are excellent.

160114-MRochon3-small- conditions
Our new generation winch groomer currently being tested on the mountain.

More good news: the Porte du Soleil lift opened today and skiers and snowboarders can now access the Carriole and Sentier des pruches trails directly from the P2 parking lot. The Edge side is also scheduled to open tomorrow, Friday January 14th. Four mountain areas to ride this weekend!

You’ll be happy to discover most of your favorite trails to be open in the coming days: Desserres, Kandahar, Chalumeau, Fuddle Duddle, Sissy Schuss and La Griffe. Other trails could be added to that list following the 10 to 15 cm of snow expected for Saturday. We are excited to have more than 75 trails available during the weekend.

We look forward to seeing you on the slopes!