Saturday March 29, 2014

Emotions and traditions will be waiting for you in this day of festivities that promises to be memorable. The day will begin with a friendly competition for snowboarders aged 7-14, with a special event for Olympic athletes in the afternoon. To continue the celebration, you are invited to witness spectacular acrobatics performed to the sound of traditional music.

The CS Riders competition will start at 10 a.m. The CS Riders program is a great way for young athletes to get familiar with snowboard competitions in disciplines such as freestyle, snowboard cross and alpine, while developing their abilities in this sport. Athletes will have three timed runs combining jumps, rails and turns. Jasey-Jay Anderson is the proud sponsor of this event, making the day memorable!

After lunch, Ville de Mont-Tremblant, Station Mont Tremblant and Club de ski Mont-Tremblant invite you to come and cheer Olympians Erik Guay, Jasey-Jay Anderson, Ariane Lavigne, Brittany Phelan, Caroline Calvé and Charles Reid, in the presence of former Olympians and the whole community. The athletes will leave Place des Voyageurs at 1:30 p.m. to parade to Place St-Bernard where an honorary ceremony awaits them. Festivities will follow with an autograph session near the mountain.

For the grande finale, you are invited to a unique show presented by a young troupe from Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez. TIMBER! mixes the fragrance of freshly cut pine and the passion of loggers carried away by traditional Québécois music, a creation that is off the beaten track. Created from forest resources from the family farm, the acrobatic equipment used during the show keeps it in its flavour and association. The incredible acrobatics offered by the artists is inspired by this raw material. In a joyful atmosphere, these seasoned acrobats and musicians will transport you to the colourful, epic and not-so-distant past of North American loggers. Join the party at 4 p.m. and wear your plaid shirt proudly!