The Traversée Nocturne (Evening Traverse), a unique experience presented by The North Face, offers a different perspective on the world of alpine touring. This extraordinary event takes place beyond normal operating periods, transforming the mountain into a magical place, usually inaccessible after hours. Discover with us this captivating adventure, punctuated by memorable moments with friends.

Guided ascent

Excitement reigns as you begin your adventure on the marked trails, after the ski day ends. Participants are led by experienced guides, ensuring an ascent adapted to each person’s skill level. As you climb the mountain and the sun sets, admire the winter landscapes from a completely different perspective.

Transition at the summit and headlamp descent

Once you reach the summit, a heated space welcomes you, offering the ideal place to prepare your transition for the descent. Take a moment to savor your accomplishment, adjust your headlamp and head to the designated ski slope, freshly groomed just for you.

The descent, lit by sparkling snowflakes or twinkling stars, is an incredible visual experience. Glide through the fresh snow with your friends, creating memories that will last forever. Those who have already experienced it know that this is where the magic of the mountain reaches its peak!

Festive arrival and mountain dinner

At the base of the north side, the welcome is always warm and festive with outdoor fireplaces, mulled wine tastings and lively music. You have successfully traversed the mountain, and the celebration is in full swing!

A delicious mountain-style dinner awaits you inside the Fourchette du Diable. Share stories, exchange laughs, and celebrate your achievements with your fellow adventurers while enjoying a good cheese fondue. This is the ideal time to relive the highlights of the traverse.

Shuttles will be on hand to take you back to the south side, guaranteeing a worry-free end to the evening.

In addition, transportation of personal effects from South to North is provided, before dinner, allowing you to fully enjoy every moment.

Commitment from The North Face

The North Face, your winter partner, offers specialized clothing for alpine touring and other winter sports. Their generosity is manifested through the activities and door prizes, adding a special touch to the event.

Tips for Alpine Touring

Whether you are a regular at alpine touring or want to discover this sport, follow our advice in the blog ‘6 things to know for touring in Tremblant’ to guarantee the success of your next outing. The trails are waiting for you!