by Anne-Marie Withenshaw

I’m delighted to announce that I will be returning as spokesperson for the 24th annual Tremblant International Blues Festival. My excitement for the event is always just as strong, year after year. This unique festival takes place in the heart of Tremblant’s superb pedestrian village. What’s more, it offers unrivaled access to spectacular artists.

Incredible Discoveries

The Blues Festival is the perfect occasion for all kinds of new discoveries. With ten days of festivities, you can immerse yourself in Tremblant’s enchanting atmosphere, which perfectly complements the event’s musical rhythms.

One of my favourite things about the festival is discovering new artists. To get the most out of the experience, I go from stage to stage, then take the time to enjoy the performances I’ve chosen to watch. Each year, I discover several artists I’d never heard of before and now they are among my regular playlist!

Unrivaled Access

It’s simple: no other musical event offers this kind of access to artists! In this respect, the Tremblant International Blues Festival is truly one of a kind. At Tremblant, it’s completely natural for artists to join the crowd and share precious moments of musical togetherness with other blues lovers. Keep your eyes open, as musicians often treat visitors to performances on the village’s terraces and in its restaurants and bars.


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The Perfect Escape

As soon as you arrive in the heart of the pedestrian village, you’ll see that the festival offers much more than live music! In addition to numerous free shows, the destination serves up 1,001 ways to have fun. I often attend the festival with family and friends: there’s truly something for everyone. It’s simply impossible to be bored with all the activities, restaurants and shops right on site!

An Electrifying Atmosphere

The Tremblant International Blues Festival has become an annual tradition for me and my loved ones. We always leave with great memories. Music is a big part of how I spend my time at the festival, but I always find time for a little adventure too. I enjoy hiking as a family, going down the luge run with my daughter and relaxing by the lake with my partner, to name just a few examples!

Follow the lead of so many other festivalgoers and get your fill of blues, beauty and fun in larger-than-life Tremblant!


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An International Reach

Did you know that the festival brings over 100,000 visitors to Tremblant annually? Over ten days, it creates a unique ambiance that you won’t get any other time of year. Once you arrive in the heart of the pedestrian village, you’ll see what makes the festival such an incredible experience. Over the years, I’ve taken part in many festivals big and small. But nothing compares to the Tremblant International Blues Festival! Visit as a family and bring your friends. Take it from me: you’re sure to create unforgettable memories!

I’m looking forward to seeing you there!