The storm after the storm!


[text_box class=”blue”] We wanted to follow up on some unpleasant events that occurred during and following Friday’s major winter storm that dumped 74 cm of snow and brought the total accumulation for the last 7 days to 119cm! [/text_box]

Here are the general details that should cover most topics. If you have any question or comment, please use our Contact Us box at the bottom right of this page and we’ll make sure you get heard. We’re very sorry for anyone experiencing unpleasant moments in those unusual weather circumstances.

On saturday, the Expo chair was delayed by strong winds. A change in wind direction allowed us to open just before 1pm. In the afternoon, we started experiencing small electrical outage that led to total loss of the North Side power line affecting Duncan, Lowell Thomas, Expo and Gondola Express. The Duncan and Gondola operated to the end of day on auxiliary diesel engines and Lowell Thomas had to be closed after getting everyone off the lifts on emergency engines. It was confirmed later that the outage was due to a broken power line on chemin Duplessis.

The Edge:
Like lots of neighbourhoods in the Laurentians, the power line that feeds the Edge was impacted by trees that fell on it. A crew was on site late Friday night, we got the lift going and were quite happy to offer the terrain Saturday.  When our staff got to the lift Saturday morning to get it going, the power was out again! With the high demand for power line repairs in the area, we could not get the crew back on Sunday. Work will be done on Monday and we expect the Edge to be running on Tuesday.  Please note that Letendre will be closed to allow the crew to work safely.

Le Soleil:
The Soleil Side has a water only snowmaking system (no compressed air).  This requires temperatures much colder than the rest of the mountain in order to produce snow (-18 degrees Celsius and lower).  We managed to squeeze 12 hours of production so far at very marginal temperatures. Due to the steepness of the grade on some trails, natural hazards and high density of skiers more snow is required.  Temperature will go down tonight and snowmaking will resume allowing us to open.  We are committed to open Versant Soleil as soon as possible.

Porte du Soleil:
This area is also planed to open on Tuesday December 25.

We would like to give a big shout out to the staff on the terrain that had to deal with those extremes conditions. Without their commitment, things could have been much more different! We especially want to thank our guests for choosing our destination and enjoy these incredible conditions that mother nature gave us!

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  1. John Blundell
    John Blundell says:

    Versant soleil …Snowmaking can start up at -7c wet bulb with snow max as an airless system..Not – 18 c as you have stated..
    You can validate this on any website

  2. L'Equipe Tremblant360
    L'Equipe Tremblant360 says:

    “Stay Calm Everyone….”

    Tremblant has taken a fair amount of “heat” or criticism in the social media
    over some of the operational glitches encountered with this massive storm
    system that has buried a large degree of Eastern North America on it’s path
    from the Gulf of Mexico U.S. Coast, right on up to Newfoundland.

    This storm has been a lot bigger than many imagined and it has caused 10’s of
    millions of people on the East Coast of North America everything from minor
    inconvenience to accidental death.

    No one tries harder than the Tremblant Crews to keep as much of the Mountain
    On-Line, so when a huge Continental-wide extreme winter weather event
    happens and we experience a few glitches along the way, “we” need to
    be patient.

    Some people have been upset over the issues resulting, time, trouble
    and money, and we understand that, but the complaints/criticisms
    are all in hindsight.

    We think it’s fair to point out that “In The Moment”, no one knows:

    A) What delays may occur…
    B) How complex the solutions may be…
    C) How long the delays may be…
    D) How quickly every aspect can be resolved…
    E) Any other dimensions of unforeseen scenario’s
    you can think of.

    Total Predictability Is Impossible With Mother Nature
    So Give’em A Break! …and a chance to react.

    Let’s keep in mind…
    It’s a Ski Resort…
    There’s “Too much Snow”
    We should actually feel, lucky, blessed and very understanding.

    If everybody on your street, your town, city, province, state,
    Coastal Region, or Continental Zone has 4 feet of snow dumped
    in their collective driveways/roads, trees down over power lines,
    people sleeping in Airports, 1000’s of accidents etc., etc., it’s going to
    take a while to dig out, plow and clear the wrecks off the roads, cut up
    and remove fallen trees over power lines and get organized before you
    can even deploy repair crews.

    Trees falling on power lines that mean families or neighbourhood’s don’t
    have any heat in their homes is just one example of how regional power
    restoration priorities have to be set for safety first.

    Additionally, the complex nature of industrial wiring that requires modular systems
    for different voltages and load capacities in adjacent proximity can result
    in very time consuming and difficult diagnostic and repair processes.

    So, take a deep breath and don’t panic.

    Repeat …Total Predictability Is Impossible With Mother Nature
    So Give’em A Break! …and a chance to react.

    We deeply appreciate all the efforts that are being made by
    dedicated Crews who we know for a fact, are working around the clock
    and missing Holiday time with their families, just so things can be
    restored for the rest of us.

    Of course, if there are specific issues that you feel need to be covered
    with Tremblant Resort Personnel, contact them directly via the
    Customer Service Contacts found on, but please keep
    in mind that extreme weather places extraordinary stress on
    everything and everyone.

    In the mean-time all the rest of us serious Tremblant fans are “Over The Moon”
    Happy to have this “Too Much Snow” “Problem” which is not a problem at all.

    We’re ecstatically happy to need to find ways to cope with “Too Much Snow” !!!

    Sincerely, Team


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