Photo taken March 8, 2017

Spring arrived earlier than expected in Tremblant! From cold temperatures to warm winds and precipitation of all kinds, we’ve been having quite the weather cocktail these past few weeks. Despite this, and despite the fact that there is no more snow in the city, we reassure you that there is still more than a month of downhill skiing and snowboarding to be had!

In order to offer you the best skiing experience, the status of the snow conditions is scrutinized with utmost care. We continually take snow depth readings thanks to a sonar machine that is fixed under a groomer. The latest results show that there is no reason to worry! Sometimes the snow cover is thinner; these sections are often bumps between which there is plenty of snow. With the return of cold temperatures in the next few days, the grooming team gets to work in order to take snow in thicker areas to cover the thinner areas. We regularly use this method throughout the season.

All in all, we consider ourselves to be pretty lucky! The last rainfall we had turned into snow, which means recovery of the trails was much easier. This allowed us to offer very good conditions today. We will therefore be able to reopen several trails that were closed in order to concentrate our grooming efforts on the heart of the mountain. The few centimeters of snow expected in the next few days, combined with intensive grooming, will allow us to once again fully enjoy the mountain.

With these operations in action, we guarantee that you will be able to ski until April 17th, as planned!

Photo taken March 8, 2017

Looking forward to seeing you on the slopes!


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