Spring 2014


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Our Spring season mountain operation plan is now underway. Its evolution will be based on three criteria: the amount of snow on the mountain, temperatures, and the number of skiers and snowboarders. Based on these criteria, different areas of the mountain will be open or closed after April 7. We invite you to keep an eye on the Snow Conditions page on Tremblant.ca to stay informed of the latest news. In summary:

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April 18, 19, 20

  • North Side and South Side will be open for the last weekend of the season (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

April 21

  • South Side will be open for the last day (Monday) of the 2013-14 ski season.

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April 7

  • Attention: Monday, April 7, election day in Quebec, ski lifts will exceptionally close at 3:15. Also, do not forget that from Tuesday April 8th, the lifts will open at 9:30 am on weekdays.

April 1

  • North side will be open with Duncan Express on weekdays until April 13 and will be reassessed for the following week
  • North side will be opened with the Duncan Express Friday, Saturday and Sunday April 18-19-20
  • Hours of operation: 9:30 to 4:00pm on weekdays and regular hours on weekends

March 17

  • Lowell Thomas and Edge lifts will be closed on weekdays

March 24

  • Soleil Side closed on week days.
  • Porte du Soleil lift closed for the season (except March 28-29-30)

March 31

  • Edge and Soleil Side closed for the season

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44 replies
  1. Andrew Burns
    Andrew Burns says:

    We have just had a fantastic ten days at Tremblant but it could have been better!! As usual, you close the lifts too early in Spring. You had perfect snow conditions yet close the Soleil lift/side and the Edge during this week. I have had countless conversations with people this week unhappy that they couldn’t ski Soleil. I know you will say that there are not enough skiers but why not give the ones that are here, the best time you can give them? Perhaps, if you build it, more will come? I feel sorry for the international visitors mostly, we are used to this penny pinching and get on with our holiday but I will carry on complaining about it, until maybe one day you will do something about it!! Until you do, Tremblant will never be a World Class, 5 Star destination in my opinion.

  2. Stan
    Stan says:

    I understand the economics of operating a ski resort (I did it for many years) and how to increase market share, this starts with being the first to open and the last to close. Grooming is very important, firm surfaces are the most fun and contribute to less accidents.
    In the spring, the best skiing is early in the mornings, therefore, open at 7:30 am and close when the snow is heavy and before accidents happen. The practice of opening the north side early is a good practice.
    You charge top prices and should give top quality (all lifts operating with all the trails WELL groomed each day).

  3. Simon Harte
    Simon Harte says:

    Per Andrew Burn’s comment. This is also a pet peeve of mine. Tremblant touts itself as a world class resort, however closes the runs too early, during the day times and during the season. Perhaps a longer sighted view may result in more visitors. Skiing in Europe lasts further into the day, mixed with on slope apres-ski makes of a longer and more relaxing time. I know latitudes effect day length, but even so the lifts close way too early at Tremblant.

  4. Les
    Les says:

    Closing the north side as of April 7th is totally not cool, thats is no way of doing business, either you tell us before we buy all these passes, so we could make an informed decision, or keep it open.If I would have bought the spring pass, and now you tell me that your closing the north side as of April 7th, I would want my money back, either the mountain is open for business, or close it down completely, and let us make a decision to spend our money there or not.Your not the only ski area in town, and whats with the grooming here, and not there, you certainly have the time now that you cheaply closed Soleil side.Are we paying for the fact that Whistler did not have a great winter!!!!

  5. Scott Cullain
    Scott Cullain says:

    I have to agree with Andrew in many aspects of his post. I am lucky enough to own property in the region and get to experience the snow conditions all the time but in a season that seems to be the never ending winter, I question how trail closures and lift closures could be determined so far in advance. Midweek closures are typically due to trying to preserve snow, not because there aren’t enough skiers. The edge is in incredible shape and soleil seemed to be the same.. Even if Tremblant could open runs on these sides from 10-2 daily it would make a difference with the attitudes of people wondering why such snow covered slopes are closed for good.

  6. frustrated season ticket holder
    frustrated season ticket holder says:

    I totally agree with Mr.Burns, we finally get some great spring conditions,but closing lifts… charging full price??? I work at the Fairmont Hotel and constantly hear the clients frustration with the closing lifts too early.We have many “fair weather” clients who visit us this time of the season, can we not give them the best experience on our mountain??

  7. Tremblant
    Tremblant says:


    Thank you for taking the time to write us your comments regarding your Tremblant Guest Experience.

    We are committed to continuous improvement and delivering the best experience possible and, your comments assist us in these efforts.

    It is important to understand that even though we now live exceptional winter conditions, other factors such as temperature and crowding are crucial to make decisions on the service offered to the users.

    Thanks again for your feedback. We truly appreciate knowing about our guest’s experiences so we can address our challenges to better serve you in the future.


  8. Scott Cullain
    Scott Cullain says:

    “so we can address our challenges to better serve you in the future”??. This is the sentence I do not understand. In my opinion, a challenge would be a major thaw/freeze cycle, lack of snow, high winds, heavy rains. This would pose as a “challenge” with opening safe terrain or limiting the amount of lifts/runs being served. With the incredible winter conditions and snow depth to this point, I dont see how maintaining snow covered slopes a “challenge”. Financially it is obviously a loss with less skiers on the mountain but this should reflect in pro rated tickets and more advance notice for those who purchased the spring pass. We cant argue that mother nature may change conditions in a heartbeat but to make a decision on trail closures so early is a “challenge” I have a hard time accepting…

  9. Sandra
    Sandra says:

    As a season pass holder, i am very disappointed that pass holders were not informed well in advance of the decisions to close various lifts in order to save money (what other reason is there?). We have guests coming to visit us from the US who would have gone somewhere else had they known that half the mountain will be closed next week.

    Perhaps you could could inform the hookey pass holders they will be able to ski on the weekends as compensation for having so many trails closed. i just found out today that Soleil is closed for good and i cannot ski it on the weekend.

    And I hear second hand that the north side is closing on the 7th and the gondola also(?). Could you please tell us what is happening?

  10. Mark Steele
    Mark Steele says:

    I drove from Toronto for 3 days of skiing this week and have the exact same things to say as the above skiers.
    Fantastic conditions, great weather, limited mountain available. Closing Versant Edge and Versant Soleil? ….It’s only March for goodness sake!

  11. Pat Paszt
    Pat Paszt says:

    Long time visitor and I’m disappointed with the trend in the industry to operate by the dates on the calendar and not the am’t of snow on the runs. It would seem most big resorts have put themselves in a position where operating overhead from a bloated infrastructure has left you helpless to control costs necessitating earlier and earlier closings. Figure out how to manage your costs while offering your choice spring trails at a reasonable cost to customers. Killington had a reputation for extended spring skiing and invested heavily in snow making on a few choice runs to achieve it. The bean counters killed that model and they now want it back. I would encourage you to adopt a new attitude to make every effort to keep something running as long as you have snow to cover a run. Offer an option on your season pass to participate in a special spring pass that would provide access to a lift and runs suitable for extended spring skiing. You built the village and the infrastructure on the south side of the Mt. but we all know the best spring snow is on the north. For some of us skiing is more than a passing thought it’s a passion help us feed the passion.

  12. kevin
    kevin says:

    Just booked an Easter gathering of friends. 4 families. Please reconsider having the north side open for easter weekend. No doubt there is enough snow. What the heck are you guys thinking ???

  13. Christine
    Christine says:

    I REALLY don’t understand waiting to open the mountain till 9:30 or 10:00!! It makes much more sense to me to open earlier while its cooler and the terrain is more firm. I skied Monday from 8:30 till 12:30. it was awesome, but by noon it was too sticky for me, especially on the lower runs.
    I also agree with what others have said, don’t make advanced decisions about closing lifts. Base your decisions on Snow and Weather conditions.

  14. Jim
    Jim says:

    Having paid full price on a 6 day pass I can say without any doubt that I have been ripped off. If you are only going to open 66% of you runs/lifts then I should only pay 66%. Not a happy bunny.

  15. Caroline
    Caroline says:

    Agree with all the comments above. What good is good spring snow when Tremblant closes one third of their hills because they are too cheap to keep enough staff to run the tows.

    The note from Tremblant above is the exact same form letter I got when I complained about paying full price for a pass a week ago. They can’t even bother to answer complaint letters with a personal response.

    Shame on them.

  16. Winterstick
    Winterstick says:

    Agree with all previous posts regarding not available areas of the mountain in a year when conditions are great everywhere…same as last year! Early closing when loads of snow is another issue…certainly not like when Interwest first came in and were trying to make good impression by stretching the season.

    Has anyone notice Saturdays after skiing entertainment the square…. last Saturday at 6 pm there was a forklift and truck dismantling the stage while a 100 or so people still there! Great impression… Then Sunday same time and the DJ is rocking! Do the people doing the planning have a calendar? Saturday = busy evening…people on the resort…no work tomorrow. Sunday = not so much… Very strange….

  17. Denise
    Denise says:

    I am wandering why Tremblant does not focus on improving client experience? Remember, people never forget how you make them feel… Never!

  18. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    Tremblant feels like a corporate run ski hill. They had very little vibe this year. They even threw their 75th anniversary party on a Wednesday.

    They claimed they received 67 cm of snow last week and then don’t keep the edge open? Very disappointing. I wish they would just do what they say in their premade statements and think of the customer experience. I took last week off to ski there and didn’t get to ski the best part of the hill.

  19. Michael
    Michael says:

    Just now, we almost booked a 4-night trip, skiing April 15, 16 & 17…..Then realized that the North side will be shutdown for weekdays. It is chancy doing advanced booking for mid-April, but getting only half the mountain is a deal-breaker. We’ll be considering Jay Peak instead, but were really looking forward to Mont Tremblant for the much better food & lodging opportunities. Mike & Maureen

  20. Ken
    Ken says:

    I agree with all the comments above. The mountain should stay open at least the north side as it is always the best skiing from morning til the afternoon all the locals know this. The reputation of the mountain isnt as good as the people who run it think it is.

  21. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    I am too am disappointed that when the conditions are so good, they shut more than half the mountain. When we purchased our passes we were under the impression we would actually be able to use them till the dates they put on them.I feel that the pass holders are being left high and dry. Closing so much during the week, for what end. We live locally and try to stay away on the weekends because of the crowds. Now we will all be forced to ski the south side and be forced to all use one lift, or add to the weekend crowds, should be a great experience! Parking too, will be a treat. WHY weren’t the pass holders informed of this by email. I found out talking to someone on tne chairlift. I would not have been very happy to drive over to the north side only to find it closed.what a shame when there is so much snow and great conditions to be had. Shame on Tremblant for nickle and diming the pass holders.

  22. Dean H-K
    Dean H-K says:


    I am an avid skier, and have enjoyed tremblants great student pass for 3 years now. I absolutely believe that tremblant is shortening the hours of operation and lifts open for financial benefit. They already charge considerably more for all their services in comparison to hills of equal size near Quebec city.
    This year Tremblant has received close to record amount of snowfall over their 75 years of operation (check the archived snowfall records on their website). Is that not reason enough for Tremblant and its administration and staff to coordinate more accessibility to the mountain during the week, and longer into the spring? This should mean that everything is open for everyone to enjoy themselves fully.
    Versant edge for example was in exceptional condition last week up until friday the 28th of march. There was accumulation of at least 30 cm up to thursday. I was extremely disappointed to find it closed on Friday. That evening it rained all over the fresh powder and made a crust. The next day i was there when it opened at 9;45 and discovered that all the sous-bois runs were impossible to ride. Thanks Tremblant!
    I think that as high paying skiiers and snowboarders we deserve full access to the hill and its slopes as long as they can remain skiiable into the spring!

  23. Damon
    Damon says:

    Weve had a great season at Tremblant.. With the north open until At least April 13th and Easter Weekend, I’m good. I do agree the Soleil could be open more but it does get more icy and windy over there. It was a little rough a few weeks back on some runs. The edge is the least popular chair so closing it earliest makes sense. I love the North side and so does my wife, it’s been great all year. We are both pass holders and we got more than our money’s worth. thanks Tremblant for a fantastic ski season.

  24. David Mack
    David Mack says:

    I totally agree with all the comments made previously. As an international visitor I am surprised that key areas (edge and soliel) of the mountain are closed when conditions are so good. If also express my disappointment at having only one carpet open for any beginners wanting to improve their skills before heading to the top.
    I love the mountain but agree that were it to really become world class then time, investment and the “build it they will come” attitude would go a long way to helping achieve that goal. The ski instructors are amazing and turn up when there might be no work……why aren’t the people running the resort of the same attitude?

  25. Steve
    Steve says:

    I was actually at Tremblant today and the north side was good, south side not nearly as good. So considering the south is not ideal now and the Soleil wasn’t great 2 weeks ago, I’m thinking that conditions are a big factor. That side gets a lot of sun. Until someone skies past the ropes, every comment complaining about Soleil closing could be wrong. For all you know, it could open and you’d say, gee, the Soleil isn’t very good skiing, I see why they closed it. For the edge, least popular lift by far, get over it, you have next year. Tremblant is a great ski mountain and they have 70 percent of the runs open in April during the week when a lot of places are closed.

  26. Damon
    Damon says:

    I love skiing and I am a business owner. I ski afternoons and always ski until the last run. I would personally like the chairs open later in the spring but business wise, it makes zero sense. By 3:30, most are gone, by 4 when I hit that last chair, there is very few people. If they opened later, they would gain very little and lose money doing it. As much as I would personally gain from later, I agree with closing at 4, at least on weekdays.

  27. Steve
    Steve says:

    I was at Tremblant today and the north was great, south not nearly as nice but still okay. Considering the Soleil wasn’t the best 2 weeks ago when I went, I’d be surprised if the conditions were good over there. Money may be a factor, it is business, but I am confident conditions are part of it. For the edge, 7 runs, least popular chair by far. For those few, there is next year.

  28. anne harpum
    anne harpum says:

    I am coming to tremblant for a week on 10 april and I am so upset that half the mountain will be closing. I have spent a lot of money coming from the UK. At present I am trying to change my reservation to go to whistler where we have had amazing skiing well into april. It is going to cost me fortune to change my flights. I booked this holiday as the website said you were open until 20 April, not closing half the lifts early. Very unimpressed and am unlikely to book again.

  29. Scott
    Scott says:

    Steve, I can tell you first hand that conditions have NOTHING to do with why lifts aren’t spinning and trails are closed. I rode there all day Friday (first day that actually felt like spring) and with all due respect to patrol and Ropes I ducked more then a few ropes and enjoyed perfect conditions. My last run was down soleil and I hiked out from the bottom. Regardless if the edge isn’t the busiest lift, conditions are still amazing over there and its a shame Tremblant decided to quit on its loyal guests and locals long before the snow quit on us. Friday had a good steady amount of traffic on the hill that would have warranted at least soleil and lowell being open. The decision by Tremblant to close lifts at a predetermined timeline is solely a financial decision and nothing more. They were blessed with an unreal snow year for the East and they could have marketed this one better especially being their 75th and all!

  30. dean h-k
    dean h-k says:

    Was a at the hill for a good part of the day. North and South were very decent. Hiked edge around 2:30, and it was pristine. I cant believe the lift was closed over there today, what a shame.
    Considering it has the best sousbois on the mountain I expect them to keep it open as long as they possibly can for the expert skiers.
    Who cares how many days edge and soleil were open this year? what about people who just picked up a spring pass? It should always be about offering the best ski experience to all riders not cutting corners to save money without pro rated tickets during “spring conditions” as they like to call it.

  31. steve
    steve says:

    Interesting that a “world class” resort is not responding to input from their best brand ambassadors (pass holders and current visitors) to open earlier and have more runs opens.

    I have an open week and was trying to justify coming for a few days from Detroit this week. Based on the above comments, it looks like I will have ti look elsewhere to get my Spring skiing fix.

    A marketing oriented company would typically value the input from loyal customers, knowing less than 1 in 10 of dissatisfied customers will bother to complain. The only reply from Tremblant is form letter-tyoe response on a blog? This is a missed opportunity to show customer input and experience is valued.

    My reaction is to react to Tremblant’s lack of customer focus and spend my money elsewhere. Spring skiing with great conditions with smaller crowds after such a harsh winter is a bonus for true passionate skiers who support resorts when they are crowded and temperatures are very low. To short shrift the experience now to save a few pennies is unfathomable.

    I will look West where the customer focus is more important and no longer think of Mont Tremblant in my consideration set.

    Thanks for the input from the passionate loyalists on this blog. Also, thanks to Tremblant for demonstrating how little you value your customers. You made my decision easy.

  32. Val
    Val says:

    Wow today Tremblant was a disaster!!! They close the edge and soleil side of the mountain even on weekends. Complaining they are not busy. I did 4 runs from 9:15am-1:00pm….Northside parking never seen it so busy. They had police re-routing everyone to the South side….My money is not well spent here that is for sure!! Again, a big disappointment with tremblant.

  33. Don Kerr
    Don Kerr says:

    Thanks to the above commenters for saving me the trouble and disappointment of trying to catch some spring conditions at Tremblant this year; I’ll just have to wait until next season when the mountain is actually operating at a capacity that has any appeal. The management totally screwed up what could have been a well-promoted extended season this year, and doesn’t know how to capitalize on such a blessing of snowfall. By the way: your “Tremblant” Public Relations response among the above litany of disappointed customers is piss-poor and doesn’t address anyone’s valid comments. Try again.

  34. Kim
    Kim says:

    I have been monitoring the snow report as we are coming for spring skiing Easter weekend since you have had now over 500cm of snow this year! I thought most of the hill would be open. It is discouraging reading the blog and seeing that the edge and soleil are never open. With all that snow why are they not open? Will they be open for Easter weekend?

  35. Andy
    Andy says:

    I am very glad and blessed that I ran across this blog. I’m from the NYC area and next week, the week before Easter, my children are off from school and we were going to drive north, visit Montreal and then go skiing for a few days at Tremblant which I understand to be a huge ski area. Most American resorts try to stay open as long as they can and make as many trails available as possible but apparently Tremblant management has a different approach – reduce use of the mountain and still charge full admission. Wierd but i guess it’s their business to run as they see fit.

    What we’ll do instead is still cross the border to explore Montreal but then we’ll turn around and ski some of the open northern Vermont slopes. Tremblant may have to wait for another season.

    Thank you bloggers!!!!!


  36. Julian
    Julian says:

    This will be my last year with a season pass at Tremblant after buying one for the past five years. These repeated closures of perfectly good terrain due to “insufficient crowds” are completely unacceptable, especially with no notification. There are plenty of resorts within similar driving distance that offer open terrain and better value.

  37. Marek & Ania
    Marek & Ania says:

    My wife and I are sublime pass holders and had a fantastic season and buying again next season. However we do agree that if a client comes to your mountain and pays full price he should be able to ski 100% of the skiable terrain, if you close skiable terrain due to low clientel you should bill your client accordingly. We went to Mont Sainte Anne and all the skiable runs were open, awesome day!

  38. Jimbo M
    Jimbo M says:

    Thank you for having this blog. My wife and I planned to come up this week since the weather has been amazing and there is still sooo much snow. We planned on renting a condo and skiing for a few days. After reading these reviews and then seeing prices, we will just go somewhere else. We love Mont Tramblant but will not give money to a corporation who aren’t about costomers first.

  39. Mellychick
    Mellychick says:

    I am a property owner and season pass holder. I am constantly talking to people on the lifts about their experiences at other resorts. Usually they have praises for one resort or another (Kicking horse, Sunshine etc). I cringe to think of all the bad comments people share about their experience at Tremblant! Advertising is expensive, word of mouth is free! Sort it out corporate Mont Tremblant!

  40. Kennedy
    Kennedy says:

    20 hours travelling from the north of England, thousands of pounds spent how disappointed are we that less than 25 percent of the runs open. 8 of us in the group and we are already fed up of doing same trails. Even the youngest age 8 has had enough. Full price lift passes for 1 lift open!! Never counted down the days to finish a holiday so much. Considering moving on to Montreal just to have something to do. Won’t be returning, shame as resort and restaurants lovely.

  41. Lanny
    Lanny says:

    Spent a great 2 days skiing April 11/12 but have to agree that if the Tremblant strategy is to close skiable hills because of lack of customers. they need to at very least adjust the lift ticket price accordingly AND advertise the changes. Otherwise it is no wonder there is a lack of customers – no one keeps showing up at a restaurant that they aren’t sure will be open.

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