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Snow production last weekend allowed us to open a few new trails early in the week and strengthen already open runs. Following a bout of mild weather, our groomers have accomplished extraordinary work in getting the trails back into shape. This, combined with good management of snow resources by our operations team, has allowed us to maintain at least 17 open runs during the week, notwithstanding the unprecedented heat wave we saw in the region. Thanks to a very nice snowmaking window of opportunity we had last night, we currently have a total of 18 open trails as of this morning.

Fortunately, the colder weather seems to be coming back to our neck of the woods! Starting today, temperatures are forecasted to remain closer to seasonal averages, which will allow us to produce snow for several consecutive days. These constant snowmaking efforts will result in greater productivity as we work tirelessly to open more skiable terrain!

Snow canons are already on full blast in the following sectors: Taschereau, Beauchemin Haut, Rigodon, Charron, Nansen and the summit. Furthermore, we have something to satisfy our freestyle enthusiasts; snow park features are presently installed in the Nansen and Rigodon trails.

Although you can ski down the mountain from top to bottom on the two main mountain faces, the P’tit Bonheur trail is currently the only beginner slope allowing you to reach the base from the top.

* Note to alpine tourers: Until further notice, there will be no alpine touring on the mountain because of limited slope space.

We wish you happy holidays and look forward to seeing you on the slopes!

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