With over 30 acres of terrain dedicated to ours parks, our passionate and creative team offer a constantly renewed snowpark experience. As well as a friendly and relaxed atmosphere! This year, following a new partnership, 8 new Rockstar park features have been added to existing stock. Throughout the winter, Rockstar Energy Canada and Tremblant are proud to offer our freestyle riders the following boxes and rails:

  • Two 24 feet C-Boxes
  • A 24-foot Rocker Box
  • A 22-foot rail Kicker
  • A 24-foot Double Elbow rail
  • A 22-foot Flat rail
  • A 18-foot Flat rail
  • A 24-foot Double Whammy Plus, the only one in Quebec!



Tremblant parks crew installing the first Rockstar rails

Many of these new additions are currently available in the Progression Park at the bottom of the Alpine trail on the south side. They’ll be installed for the rest of the winter in the Adrenaline Park as soon as it opens. Opening is scheduled for the end of January at the latest.

For more information on our three snow parks, as well as information on the Code of Conduct, please visit the parks page on tremblant.ca.