More than 48 cm of snow has fallen in the last seven days! We are fortunate to have been spared the heavy rain that hit several regions of Quebec Tuesday, February 16. That storm gave us only snow on the mountain!

For the grooming team the sudden arrival of this large amount of snow has brought its share of challenges during the past week. The thick snowfall reduced the groomers’ traction and therefore had the effect of considerably slowing down the grooming work. This is why some trails have remained with mogul conditions, even though our entire groomer fleet was active from 4 pm to 8 am and every day. We finally regained control of this meteorological roller-coaster and got back to our regular grooming routine.

During the day yesterday we received 10 cm of snow with a bit of rain joining in the mix in the evening. Today is a day of transition for the trails with spring-like conditions. To ensure optimal conditions in the coming days, some trails are closed pending the return of colder weather. We will see the number of tracks go back up quickly as of tomorrow.

Snowflakes are already falling again as of this blog posting and meteorologists expect 30 to 40 cm of snow by Monday!

Be careful on the roads and we hope to see you on the slopes!