Fortunately, temperatures have been staying low which means snow production is going well! Indeed, our grooming machines have been running around the clock to disperse the many snow mounds created this week, in addition to working regular maintenance. At the time of this writing we already have 79 tracks open on the four mountain faces and we are in the final sprint to finish the trails for our skiers and snowboarders.

With 30 cm of natural snowfall in the last 7 days, we expect to have over 88 trails on 4 mountain faces over the weekend. Our Patrol and Snow Park teams have been working hard to deliver new terrain; therefore, the parks will open more features this weekend including the Curé Deslauriers Haut and Bas sections of the Adrenaline snow park featuring new Rockstar elements! In all, 3 snowparks with 30 features on two mountain faces will be open.

The next main trails to be opened are the Flying Mile, the Ligne de pente, the Eric Guay, the Expo and the Cossak.

We wish to commend our mountain trail maintenance team for the great effort of working under pressure while the snowmaking system is running non-stop. Thank you!