Despite Mother Nature’s jolts where snow and rain followed one another, an accumulation of 6 inches of snow during the night of March 7 to 8 allowed us to gradually reopen the glades, and thus reach 100% of the open ski terrain again, to everyone’s delight!

That said, warmer temperatures have started to creep up. Yes, spring is already starting to settle at the mountain! Our operations teams are in place and continue to work hard to provide excellent spring skiing conditions. With five weeks left to the ski season, the mountain also relies heavily on early season artificial snow to ensure it gets to the end of the season with great skiing conditions.


Plus, with the sun setting later and later each day, the Gondola and the Duncan ski lift will be open until 4:30 p.m. on weekends, starting March 12. Other ski lifts will be added to this list during the month. And with the lifting of several sanitary measures during the months of March and April, the terraces which are starting to open, as well as the spring events that are also resuming, we have something to celebrate and rejoice!

22/23 Ski Passes on Sale

You can now renew your ski pass for the 22/23 season! Whether you choose the Ikon Pass or the Tonik, you can take advantage of the best prices of the year by purchasing it before the end of the season.

See you at the top!