Another great ski week on the mountain! With 91 trails open on our 4 sides, we have to this day 670 acres of skiable terrain open to skiers and snowboarders.

The past week has seen a 10-inch snow accumulation, temp inversions at the summit at the beginning of the week with cold temperatures at the base of the mountain and hotter at the top, as well as mild temperatures during the day. But, despite all of this, snow making continues on the mountain to open more trails for the final push that will start soon in order to have 100% of our slopes open for the rest of the season. Snow making has therefore stopped at the beginning of the week, but restarted during the night of Wednesday to Thursday.


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Athlete: Nick Steers

The Edge ski lift has been back in operation since last Friday. Our lift maintenance team was on the field every day with the manufacturer and several suppliers to repair the lift as fast as possible. The side can therefore now welcome back skiers and snowboarders on its slopes.

About snowparks, our 3 parks are open with the Adrénaline snowpark that officially opened last Friday afternoon in the top section of the Curé Deslauriers trail. The construction continues this week in the bottom part of the same trail with new modules and jumps and will be open for the weekend. The Promenade section of the Adrénaline park, in which you’ll find bigger jumps and modules under the Flying Mile lift, is currently being snowed for construction in the next week. An official opening date will announced on the Parcs Tremblant Instagram and Facebook pages.


We’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that it is forbidden to access the mountain outside of our operation hours, whether it’s for alpine touring or snowshoeing, and also to stay in open trails when the mountain is operating. This is for your safety, but also for your employees that are working in the evening and night on the mountain. We are operating heavy machinery such as snow groomers and snow mobiles, and we also have winches installed in some trails, which can cause serious injuries. For our opening hours and opening status of trails and lifts, see our mountain report on our website or download the new Tremblant mobile app.