While the metropolitan area and the lower Laurentians are seeing the devastating effects of this week’s ice storm with many ongoing power outages somewhat reminiscent of the historic 1998 ice storm, the mountain got more snow! As we wrote these lines, no less than 25 cm of snow had fallen in the last seven days. The snow accumulation record was broken with more than 600 cm this season! Needless to say that skiing conditions are excellent, especially at the top and on the North Side, where precipitations were most important. All runs on the North Side are still open, while we plan reopen Versant Soleil and have more than 90 runs open for the weekend.

It’s still time to enjoy the last days of this exceptional season. Saturday, you are invited to a last-minute event, a parent-child ski or snowboard cross and tricks competitions that will be held in the Mitik Park on the North Side. Free registrations!

Come and enjoy the last two weekends of skiing and end the season on a great note! Although it will get warm during the day, winter temperatures are still to be expected in the morning at the top of the mountain. We thus recommend multi-layers.

See you on the slopes!