Lifts and rather chilly temperatures…


We would like to share information regarding our operational decisions of the past days. As you know, temperatures have been rather chilly, to say the least. Our priority remains your safety, and in this context, we have closed the Flying Mile, Soleil, Duncan and Edge lifts.

First of all, rest assured that all efforts and resources are put toward ensuring proper functioning of our lifts. We positioned our team of mechanics strategically to allow for an immediate intervention in case of mechanical failure.

We also limited the terrain coverage of our ski patrollers. Although their presence has been increased in the last days, we agree that their intervention time span is at the heart of our concerns when facing such conditions.

We thank you for your understanding. Please do not hesitate to send us your feedback.

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  1. R Benson
    R Benson says:

    That’s odd, it’s been a lot colder than -13 many times through the rest of the year, and a lot windier too. Why don’t you tell us the real story of why those lifts are closed – and maybe find some marketing people to write your articles who can communicate a bit more clearly too. If it’s a problem with the lifts then why do you mention ski patrol? And if it’s too unsafe to ski in the cold, why is the TGV open?

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