We’re extending the ski season! And kids ski free!


It might be April 1st, but it’s not joke: thanks to our grooming experts, early winter snowmaking and operations efforts throughout the winter, we can offer a bonus one-weekend extension to the season! Originally scheduled to close on April 10th, ski conditions and snow quality across the mountain are such that skiers and riders will be enjoying two extra days of spring skiing this April 16 & 17, 2016. The South and North sides of the mountain will be open from 9 am to 4 pm both days. Customer service at the Southside base will be available at regular hours and the Grand Manitou will be open and heating up the BBQ one last time at the top! (Weather permitting of course)

Bring the whole family!

As an added bonus kids will ski for free! A child 12 years or younger will have access to the slopes free of charge if accompanied by an adult with a daily access. Pass holders of all types are welcome to take advantage of these two extra days, so ALL authorized Tremblant passes and tickets will be accepted: Unlimited Season, Hookie, Sublime, Spring Passes, T-66, as well as Latitude Cards and other tickets valid for the 2015-16 season. Day lift tickets can be bought in advance on the North and South side ticket counters and at the online Ticket Outlet. The adult ticket will be priced at 49,99$. (Tickets for the extended weekend will be available for purchase as of April 7th)

Please note that some services will be limited, such as la Fourchette du Diable on the North side, which will be accessible only for the ticket counter and bathrooms.

2016-17 Deals!

Dedicated skiers and snowboarders know that April is the ideal time to renew or buy an Unlimited Season Pass. At its lowest price all year, buy yours before May 26th, 2016 and receive free gifts, great perks and loads of discounts all next season. At $419, the Sublime Pass offers 118 days of skiing including 16 Saturdays and 17 Sundays, and the same goes for the T-66, good for 66 ski days for $319.

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37 replies
  1. ayala
    ayala says:

    Hi me and doughter will like to sky this coming wendnesday. Is ir possibale?can we make Lesson for beginers? Tnx

  2. Claire maxwell
    Claire maxwell says:

    Why is the Gondola shut? Is it to save money or is there really work being done on it? I wanted to go up the mountain today (as a pedestrian) to meet family who were skiing but couldn’t get up. Is it going to be shut tomorrow?

  3. Richard Aloia
    Richard Aloia says:

    Do you think they will be skiing the weekend of April 23 and 24th or the last week of April 2016?

  4. Dan summers
    Dan summers says:

    Can anyone please tell me if the original closing date was April 12th ? I bought the spring pass and rented a place here for 3 weeks ending and leaving April 14th. I did this thinking I would be skiing up until Tuesday April 12th . Now they are closing April 10 and reopen April 16-17th for two days . Anyone know what I’m talking about?

  5. Neven
    Neven says:

    I just purchased a 3 day lift ticket for April 7th through the 9th. Does my 11 year old son ski for free for the 3 days?

  6. Tremblant
    Tremblant says:

    Hi Claire, The Gondola is closed this week for seasonal maintenance. Due to weather this season and the summer period starting so soon after the ski hill closing date, we have to utilise this time to conduct our maintenance. Thank you for understanding.

  7. Tremblant
    Tremblant says:

    Hi Richard, the season is scheduled to close on April 17th. There are no plans to further extend the season.

  8. Tremblant
    Tremblant says:

    Hi Dan, the season was scheduled to end on April 10th. It was decided last week that we would extend to include the weekend of April 16-17th.

  9. Tremblant
    Tremblant says:

    Hi Neven, kids ski free only the weekend of April 16-17th and if accompanied by an adult with a valid pass.

  10. David
    David says:

    Excellent initiative, that’s great! Must tickets be purchased in advance or will they also be available at that price at the ticket counters?

  11. C. Maxwell
    C. Maxwell says:

    Thanks you for the reply regarding the gondola, i have been in the village and have not seen any work being done on it. If the ski season is still open then surely the gondola should be available, ski passes are still being charged at full price. There is plenty of time when the season ends to do maintenance. It’s things like this that put people off coming back to Tremblant. I think that in reality it, and other lifts are shut to save money, not for maintenance.

  12. C
    C says:

    Hello, will the mountain be open on Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 as well? Or is the extended opening only during weekend days? Thanks!

  13. Tremblant
    Tremblant says:

    Hi David, Tickets will be available for same-day purchase at the North and South side ticket counters at the discounted price.

  14. Tremblant
    Tremblant says:

    Hi Claire, Maintenance is done inside the Gondola terminals with teams working 7 days a week. There is but a short time before the summer season starts where the Gondola is the only way to access the summit. For maintenance to be done on all the various parts of the system it takes us 40 days a year where we can only work when weather permits. Usually at this time of year, weather is warm enough that people would rather take the chairs. Thank you for understanding that we work hard to offer the best experience possible and that we truly take your safety to heart.

  15. G. Weirdo
    G. Weirdo says:

    Hi Dan. I think you got your money’s worth already. I’ve been happy to see you out several times.

  16. Patrick Allen
    Patrick Allen says:

    Latitude cards will be accepted. Is this only if there are remaining days on my card?

  17. Paul Wojciechowski
    Paul Wojciechowski says:

    I can pre-purchase my lift tickets for those days. Can you pleased advise where I can purchase them?

    Thank you,

  18. Ruth Lorraine Morrison
    Ruth Lorraine Morrison says:

    Are the ski conditions that good that it’s worth travelling from Toronto with my family for the weekend of April 16th-17th? Also, what is the lift ticket for teens? Thanks.

  19. levasseur o
    levasseur o says:

    Thank you for the great season. However there is very little you can do ,to get the snow to fall at the right time . This year ,it seems that the snow decided to come in the spring. Quite happy about the extension… just a wee bit deceived about being on the week end only. I understand that you can’t run the show with minimal amount of people.
    Thank you and see you next year.

  20. Willy
    Willy says:

    Given the poor start to the season – and the relatively poor last few seasons – as well as the very good amount of snow left on the mountain, what can be done to lobby Tremblant to have the season extended to end of April? Passholders who could not take advantage of their investment should get the benefit of what mother nature is giving us.

  21. Tremblant
    Tremblant says:

    Hi Ruth, it will be great spring conditions with heavier wet snow. The forecast predicts highs of 16 degrees Celsius! Tickets for Youth 13-17 years will be at $36.99. Thank you

  22. Tremblant
    Tremblant says:

    Hi Willy, with lots of rain and very warm weather in the forecast as of this weekend there wouldn’t be much to ski on by the 23rd! We’re very happy to have been able to extend to the 17th.

  23. Dan summers
    Dan summers says:

    Hi G Weirdo are you and Scotty come up for the last weekend ? Maybe you can fly up if Scotty has the plane this weekend . It’s not going to be to hot and it’s not going to be to cold . It’s going to be just perfect. Hope to see you soon . PS bring your hero with you as well .

  24. Mark
    Mark says:

    I used 5 passes bought through the Canadian medical association for my family.
    The ondola closing made huge lineups. 45 minutes at base and 45 at mid station.
    We did 3 runs and packed it in.
    Very disappointed.

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