Sunglasses are a crucial part of your gear in all outdoor activities on both sunny and cloudy days. UV protection is of course the most important safety feature, but many other characteristics come into play when choosing the right glasses.

Style is often our first criteria; however, comfort and fit should not be neglected. A good sports frame should be lightweight and adhere well to our face and nose and be compatible with the shape of our face. A good quality frame will offer adjustable nose pads and high-quality rubber on the rods such as the Megol from Smith which will stay in place even during the most intense activities.
There are many types of frames to choose from:
• Metal (high-quality stainless steel or metal alloy)
• Combination of injected mixed materials
• Acetate with branches built around a metal wire.
• Extremely light and durable plastic that retains its shape at all temperatures, ideal for performance sports.
• Organic materials with injected polymer
• Recycled materials made from plastic bottles.

Lens colours offer different visibility in varying conditions. For example, dark lenses are suitable for sensitive eyes and lighter colours are ideal for overcast days or in wooded areas when you are hiking or mountain biking. Lens technology also plays a role in comfort and visibility. The ChromaPop lenses from Smith stimulate the clarity of objects, enhances contrasts and increases the perception of distances.

Contrast is another important point for sports that take place at high speed such as cycling and running. The right technology can make it possible to distinguish primary colors more precisely, isolate them and make them stand out with more precision. The result is a marked improvement in contrasts and perceptions of distance. Depending on the type of lens chosen, the transmission of visible light can vary from 10% to 65%.

Polarized lenses are ideal for any nautical activity. A special filter, applied to the inside of the lenses, filters out reflective rays that cause reflections on the water and make it harder to see.

Need new sunglasses? Head for one of our specialized sports stores located in the pedestrian village at the base of the south side. They will gladly assist you in finding the brand with the perfect lens for you and your activities.

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