Our adventure begins on a sunny August morning, when Mommy tells Charlie, “Today, we’re going to Tremblant!” Charlie, all happy, runs to get her hat with the pink hearts, “I’m ready!”

At the mountain, activity card in Mommy’s hand, the first thing Charlie wants to do is the Eurobungy. Since there are already a few people in line before her, Charlie heads to the mini climbing tower to work on her mountaineering skills. It’s Charlie’s turn, but she’s a bit fearful and doesn’t want to jump! Daddy offers Charlie to let her friend Zack go first, “Okay, if Zack can do it, so can I!”


On the way to her next stop, on top of the mountain, Charlie has a chance encounter with the most famous of white-tailed deer, aka Toufou! Then it’s off to the panoramic gondola where Charlie tells her friend Zack, “Look how high we are, it’s so pretty! —Wow, we can see the lake and all the mountains!” Zack replies while holding Charlie and his little sister in a happy embrace.


“Mommy? Where do we see the pretty birds? —This way Charlie!” Once on top, and after a light lunch at the Grand Manitou, Charlie is off to the Birds of Prey Show. Ooh! Aah! Eagles, owls and vultures fly, hop or beat their wings right in front of her eyes! At the end of the show, with all the new fun facts she’s learned about these birds, Charlie goes in for a close-up with a gorgeous barn owl.

What a great day!


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Day two, and Charlie is full of energy! This morning she starts off with a leisurely round of mini-golf at Le Petit-Géant. Here, with her pink ball, carefully matched to her hat, she develops her very own putting style that would make the pros envious! But she still takes the time to discover the local fauna, pointing to the fence she cries, “Zack! Zack! Look, a butterfly!”


Finally, the long awaited moment, it’s time for the luge! A little fearful once again, Charlie attentively observes the course running under the lift and, as soon as she gets to the start, she’s feeling brave and ready. A quick high-five with an employee and off she goes, “Wouhou! Yeah! Faster Mommy, faster!”


To cap off a great adventure filled with fun activities and new discoveries, Mommy decides to take Charlie to Aquaclub La Source. Here she plays, she swims, she laughs… “She’ll sleep like a rock on the way back!”, Mommy says to Daddy.

photo 3

See you again soon Charlie, when we’ll share with you more winter adventures!


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