Way to go Erik!

With a top five finish at Val Gardena, Italy, this past weekend, our very own Athlete Ambassador Erik Guay realised his best downhill finish of the season. Following a sixth-place finish in the downhill opener at Val d’Isère, France, this represents his 27th career top five finish in World Cup downhill. He reached the alpine podium for the first time this season only a day earlier with a bronze in men’s super-G.

We are very proud of our local hero, inspiring young Tremblant skiers to aim higher and reach for the stars. Instead of slowing down after his sixth knee surgery, Erik used this time to train hard and come back even stronger. The results he earned over the past weekend in Italy are encouraging and quite a boost for our athlete’s confidence. Erik is now back in Tremblant for some well deserved rest and family time.

Way to go Erik!



Racing the sunset with Félix Burke


Riding the trails until the sun disappears beyond the horizon… Just one of the many ways our Athlete Ambassador Félix Burke enjoys his hometown playground of Tremblant. In the video below, follow the mountain bike champion as he plays around free-spiritedly on his bike. With his agility and ever-present smile, he makes our trails look way too easy!

Inside the mind of Félix Burke: Racing into the summer of 2016


Article by Félix Burke for the Tremblant Blog

The setting sun gives the rushing water a golden hue as I ride the Lynx trail, one of my favourites that follows the Diable river. The amazing landscape makes it easy for me to get lost in thought and I find myself thinking about what great surprises this new season will bring and all the amazing memories that will be created over the next few months. I think about the laughs I will share with the people I care about, the hooting and yelling that I will be doing with the Trail Trybe kids and most of all, the special feeling of seeing all the hard work pay off when everything comes together at an important race. These thoughts warm my heart and give power to my lungs and legs as I start to speed up, sprinting towards these special moments that await.

Having just returned home from the West Coast where I was attending the University of Victoria, it feels great to see all the familiar sights, ride the roads and trails, and spend time with my family. Time at home is short lived though, as the racing season gets underway and I will be spending a lot of my time on the road travelling to various events. I have to learn to really appreciate these moments at home and carry them with me when I travel.

The first major event of the year will be the World Cup in Albstadt, Germany, on May 22nd, followed by the World Cup in La Bresse, France, just a week later. I will be travelling with the Cycling Canada NextGen program, a development team for the Canadian National Team that aims to get its riders to the next level. I am very proud to be part of this very exciting program, even if being involved with the program requires some sacrifices. The biggest one for me was missing the Mont-Tremblant Canada Cup, a race that I hold very close to my heart and where I made my debut on the national cycling circuit. It is a big disappointment for me to miss the chance to race on my favourite course in front of my friends and family, but I am motivated by the fact that I will instead have the chance to prove myself on the world stage at the world cups. It is an exciting challenge that I am looking forward to and I am confident the lessons I have learned from racing the Tremblant Canada Cup will help me in Europe.

® J-F Leclerc 2015

® J-F Leclerc 2015

My other big goals for this summer are the World Championships in the Czech Republic, the National Championships, and the World Cup in Mont-Saint-Anne. I also plan on running my Trail Trybe bike camp and working on creating a more solid platform to help introduce people to the sport of mountain biking. To celebrate the third year and the growth of the camp, I will be offering 3 camps this year. For more information, please visit www.trailtrybe.com. I chose the name Trail Trybe because all of us at the camp are linked by the passion of the sport, which is represented by the trail. We ride together and take care of each other, connected by the fact that we are all riding the trail for the same reason, regardless of our differences. I was inspired by the nomadic tribes of Mongolia. Riding with kids helps me recognize what the sport is all about and I really enjoy it. I hope that this camp is an important step in making Tremblant an established mountain bike destination and will encourage the growth of the sport in the region.

There are a lot of exciting events to look forward to this season, but I also hope to enjoy the little things as much as the ones that stand out as important events, such as running with my dog in the morning, watching a movie with my family, or cleaning my bike in the front yard. I am really grateful for everything in my life and I plan on enjoying every part of it.

See you on the trails,


New season, new challenge for Brittany: From Alpine to Ski Cross

Recently, our 24 year old athlete ambassador Brittany Phelan decided to make an interesting move. No she’s not giving up on her skis! She will simply be facing this new season with a new challenge! Here is our interview with the young star:

Hi Brittany, we’re really happy you could come to Tremblant and discuss your decision to switch from Alpine Skiing to Ski Cross. Can you share with us what motivated this change of discipline?

After 8 years with the National Alpine Canada team and my first Olympics under my belt, I started considering making the switch to the Ski Cross team, as it was always something I loved watching and was told I could be successful at. I grew up skiing in the park (Tremblant?) and loved hitting jumps and all aspects of skiing. Years of the same routine were starting to wear on me and I am beyond blessed to be able to continue my passion and goal of winning an Olympic medal in this new and refreshing event.

What would you say are the differences between an Alpine athlete and a Ski Cross athlete?

Alpine Racing is a solitary sport that involves skiing alone around a set course on hard snow as fast as possible. Ski Cross is a sport that involves racing down a course with three other people through jumps and berms around gates.

Photo 1-edit2

You’re a team player, so I gather that’s a plus. What do you love the most about your new discipline?

No doubt it’s the refreshing change and the excitement of the sport. I love the excitement of skiing as fast as possible while hitting huge jumps and knowing exactly what place you are in.

What I’ve always loved about racing was the skiing aspect. I always wanted to be the best skier in the world so this is giving me a new perspective on a sport I grew up loving so much. I’m excited to master skiing even more through a new facet of ski racing.

With that in mind, what are your hopes and objectives for the coming year?

Well as a lot know, my ultimate goal is to be on the podium at the 2018 Pyeongyang Olympics. I believe that I can be an asset for my team on the ski cross circuit and I’m excited for new challenges and a refreshing change to my ski career. For this year, I hope to be ranked in the top 10 in the world by the end of the year on World cup circuit.

Inspiring for us all, to always keep reaching higher and looking for new defeats through refreshed experiences!


Thanks to Brittany for taking the time to chat with us. All of Tremblant is rooting for you!

Join Brittany on her journey to the Olympics, XGames, and the World Cup by contributing to her MakeAChamp page: makeachamp.com/brittanyphelan

Season recap with our summer Ambassadors

Athlètes Ambassadeurs été 2015What a season for our Athlete Ambassadors: water-skier Pierre Plouffe, triathlete Magali Tisseyre and cyclist Felix Burke! As summer has now come to an end, we met with them so they could share their season highlights and tell us about their plans once the warmer weather is gone.

How would you sum up your 2015 summer season?

Pierre Plouffe: “My season will officially end on Sunday in Florida during the competition at McCormick’s. I’m someone who sets the bar very high, but I can say that my summer was up to par. I underwent several chemotherapy treatments and I’ve had a few bad days, but I still completed all my competitions! I even managed to set three national records, one in each discipline: jumping, slalom and tricks. Actually, I could say that my summer was, after all, fantastic! ”

Magali Tisseyre: “This summer, I had three of my best career performances: 2nd place at the IRONMAN 70.3 event in Monterrey, Mexico, 2nd position at the IRONMAN 70.3 Vineman in California and a 4th place at the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships Austria. But I also had to overcome many obstacles! I had a mechanical problem in the bike event at Oceanside; a leg cramp prevented me from finishing the bike portion at home, in Tremblant; and I had a dislocated rib following a bicycle fall at the St. Anthony’s race in Florida.

In summary, it was a season full of emotions. I learned a lot and also gained confidence. I look forward to 2016! ”

Felix Burke: “My summer adventures began with the Canada Cup at Tremblant. With its great atmosphere and impressive race trail, it’s certainly the highlight of the season. Since Tremblant is my home, I really wanted to push my limits there. The race was very good and I managed to rank second in U23, my first year in this category. It’s a performance that I’m proud and motivated me all season long. It truly was a special day, I love being able to share my playground with the best competitors in the country.

The following races were a bit more of a challenge. Bad luck and an injury prevented me from performing at my best. However, my bike camp, which took place shortly after, definitely boosted my morale.

Cycling Camp is a very special event for me. This camp gives me the chance to share my passion with young people in the region. Their attitude and enthusiasm remind me why I’m in love with the sport and young people give me a lot of inspiration. This year we were about ten on the trails. Jumps, steep descents and obstacles, there was something for everyone! The afternoon we spent at the beach on the last day of camp is one of my best memories of summer.

Several other competitions, such as the 4th Canada Cup in Baie-Saint-Paul, the Canadian Championships and World Cup in Mont-Saint-Anne and Windham in the state of New York, allowed me to push myself. In summary, I had a wonderful, full summer and I’m proud of my results.

What are your plans for the winter?

Pierre Plouffe: “I will be in Mexico in November, as a coach for the World Championship Open. Then, for the 22nd consecutive year, I will join the team at the Tremblant Snow School. I love teaching skiing, sharing my passion for the Mont-Tremblant region and being part of such a great team. ”

Magali Tisseyre: “I have one race to go before the end of the season: the IRONMAN 70.3 in Los Cabos, Mexico. Then it will be time to rest! I have no workouts planned for about two weeks after that, which means I will probably go surfing with my boyfriend Eric on the beaches of California and discover new cafes and restaurants in my area and with my friends. Eric and I also want to find a Westfalia type of vehicle to explore the west coast from California to Whistler and camp along the way. The project is ambitious, but it’s achievable! In early November, I’ll go out West to lend a hand at a triathlon camp. Of course, I’ll also be back in Quebec to visit my family and recharge my batteries! ”

Felix Burke: “I’m currently enrolled at Victoria University to continue my business studies. The leaves might fall, as well as the mercury levels, but definitely not my motivation! The beautiful moments I experienced while traveling this summer in North America and on my Tremblant playground will remain in my thoughts this winter. These memories will be my motivation even during the toughest workouts. I would like to thank my family, my girlfriend, my friends, the Tremblant Resort, JoVelo, Cannondale and my other sponsors. Without your support, I never would have lived such beautiful experiences. ”

What are your plans so far for 2016?

Pierre Plouffe: “As of March, I’ll be back in Florida and coaching there until May. Then I’ll be training all summer for the 2016 World Championships. This will be the highlight of my competitive season and I cannot wait. The date and place have not yet been confirmed, but for now it’s between France, Italy, Peru and Chile. ”

Magali Tisseyre: “I’m planning a competition schedule similar to the one I had in 2015. Some races will be different, but I always focus on the 70.3 World Championships as my ultimate goal, and Olympic races without drafting. I want to keep improving on the 70.3 and Olympic distances and return to the World Championship 70.3 because I still dream of winning! ”

Felix Burke: “I continue to aim for Nationals and I intend to reach the top step of the podium one day. I also want to grow my bike camp project in Mont-Tremblant. To do this, I’d like to organize several bike camp weekends and partner up with local businesses to create a better experience. ”


Video highlights Magali’s season (in English only):

After Alcatraz, before Tremblant https://vimeo.com/130816380

Beijing International race recap: https://vimeo.com/141140314

Training this summer: https://vimeo.com/131997176

World Championships (early season video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGz6E4yfnJM