In order to keep up with the latest trends in the freestyle industry, we will be transforming our Adrénaline snow park this winter. This reorganization will concentrate the varied park features, including 5 new ROCKSTAR features (adding to the 10 new ones from last season), in the Promenade and lower Curé-Deslauriers slopes. Since it will no longer contain XL jumps, the Adrénaline Park will be open to all and thus the Parc Adrénaline pass will no longer be needed. Its entrance will now be at the junction of the Curé-Deslauriers and the Promenade trails, meaning the top of the Curé-Deslauriers trail will hence be accessible to all skiers and snowboarders.

This redevelopment will make it possible to arrange the same number of features, with a greater number of jumps, by optimizing the available space at the bottom of the Curé-Deslauriers and Promenade trails. It’s ideal for creating original and fun obstacle lines for skiers and snowboarders. Our snow parks team will be working closely with a group of park regulars to design this new configuration.

We can’t wait to show you our new park!

In the meantime, keep your eyes on our Facebook page (facebook.com/ParcsTremblant) to keep up to date on the parks and see images from our online community. You’re invited to add your snapshots throughout the season!


Check out our future ROCKSTAR park features:



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