Tremblant is, of course, a must ski resort in the Laurentians’ region. But the Resort also offers a great diversity of outdoor winter activities for all ages and tastes. Whatever the experience you are looking for, we have the activity you need to create memories with your family and friends that you will cherish forever!

Snowshoe Hike

Put your snowshoes on and set off to explore mount Tremblant on one of our 7 hiking trails from 1 to 5 km for all levels that meander the mountain. You will have the chance to wander through magnificent streams and ice falls, and maybe even spot some deer and other wild animals along the way, who knows. Get your daily access or hiking pass to access the mountain and fully enjoy your day outside!

Alpine touring

Discover a truly unique mountain adventure with alpine touring. Climb the highest peak in the Laurentians, equipped with skis, as you traverse through our carefully designated zones or picturesque wooded trails. Then, descend down one of our 102 immaculately groomed ski slopes, enjoying the thrill of the descent like never before!

Please remember, to access our designated zones, you’ll need either a daily pass or an alpine hiking pass, which must be visible throughout your ascent.

Cross-Country Skiing

The Mont-Tremblant region is full of cross-country skiing trails for all levels on a network of over 120 km. You can start from the Resort on the La Villageoise trail, from Domaine Saint-Bernard which is a small car ride from the resort or from the Mont-Tremblant National Park located close to the North side. A whole other way to explore the surroundings on skis!

Dinner at the Refuge

An experience you need to do at least once at Tremblant! From the top of the mountain, put your snowshoes on and go on a short hike through the woods to the Refuge du Trappeur on the Soleil side, where you’ll eat a cheese fondue meal in good company and in a rustic atmosphere. After the dinner, set off for a night hike down the mountain to the pedestrian village.

Panoramic Gondola

The panoramic gondola is not only for skiers and snowboarders in winter! Get your ticket at the ticket office in front of the gondola entrance to go up to the summit of the highest peak of the Laurentians and enjoy the amazing view on the surrounding mountains.

Ice Skating

Skate on our exterior ice skating rink on the Saint-Bernard chapel land this winter with your loved ones. Open until 10 p.m., it is free to access, and a musical and magical atmosphere awaits you every day. Simply bring your skates on your next visit and have fun! For those who are staying on the Tremblant site, skate loan is free with your lodging reservation. Ask the front desk of your hotel for more information.

Tremblant Activity Centre

The Tremblant Activity Centre, located in the heart of the pedestrian village on Place Saint-Bernard, offers a variety of 4-season activities on and around the resort for every taste. Dogsledding, helicopter flights, Dune Buggy tours, ice fishing, guided snowshoe tours and cani-showshoeing, tubing, ice climbing, a day with a woodsman, snowmobiling, paintball, sleigh rides, and sentier des cimes are offered to you this winter.