Tonga Lumina is getting ready to welcome you back this summer and the team has worked hard in the last few weeks to provide you with an unforgettable experience! The trail opens on Friday, June 17 to all, now is time to get your tickets for your next visit to the resort. In the meantime, here is a preview of the experience to get you excited.

A Night Walk in Search of the Giant

Deep in the heart of Mont Tremblant, the last of the giants has awoken. Follow your sense of adventure to discover the secret he wants to share.

The Legend

Legend has it that a sleeping giant calls Mont Tremblant home. The last survivor of his kind, this mythical being is the ancestral protector of the fauna, the flora, and the rivers. For thousands of years, his great wisdom was so revered and sought after that his descendants would return to Mont Tremblant from far and wide every time he awoke from his slumber.

A Sensory Experience in the Forest

The Tonga Lumina illuminated trail is a 1.5 km nocturnal walk taking place on a stone dust pathway at the heart of nature. To start off, visitors show up at the bottom of the Flying Mile chairlift that will take them up to the midway station where they will be led to the entrance of the trail. After taking visitors on a brief ascension, the trail slowly weaves its way down the hill through the woods, crosses streams and clearings.

Participants can anticipate being on the pathway an average of one hour. Departures are continuous from sunset to closing, with a maximum of 150 people admitted per quarter of an hour on the course.

The Pathway

Liftoff : The adventure starts at the base of the mountain. Ascend to another dimension as you soar towards Tonga’s sanctuary.

The Twilight Portal : Under the starry night sky, a cluster of rocks will show you the way.

The Illuminated Eye : Your quest will take you to the dawn of time. To find your way in the twilight, trust your instincts and follow the illuminated eye.

The Spirit Path : Heed the calls of the forgotten people as they echo throughout the mysterious forest. They will be your guide.

The Giant’s Footprints : Glowing like the stars above, Tonga’s footprints suddenly cross your path and disappear mysteriously up the mountain.

The Totems : Magic relics of the forgotten people, the three totems outline Tonga’s sacred laws.

The Eyes of the Forest : The spirits of the forgotten people are watching. Be worthy of their trust by honouring Tonga’s legacy.

The Power of the Mountain : If anyone disobeys the laws of nature, Tonga unleashes his legendary wrath. Join forces with the giant to make the mountainside tremble.

The Passageway : A passageway of lights suspended in time and space will guide you to the sanctuary.

The Sanctuary : You have finally reached Tonga’s sanctuary, which has been revered since the dawn of time. Enter quietly to discover the precious message he has to share.

Tonga’s Archway : The forest bows to Tonga’s little giants, a canopied hall celebrating the wonders of nature.

The Hall of Giants : Shadows appear and dance in the night, awakening your inner sleeping giant.


For more details on the pathway, Tonga’s story, and to get your tickets, visit the Tonga Lumina website.

Will you go look for the giant this summer?